youngest: 3055

This is the winery's freshest and most daring range. It pays tribute to its founder and his origins, and it conveys all the energy, rebelliousness and youth of a Ceferino Carrión, full of dreams and hopes to share.

The number 3055 represents Jean Leon's taxi driver's licence in New York, and reveals the man behind the legend, the humble origins of an idealist who achieved his dream of founding the most luxurious restaurant in Hollywood and creating a wine bearing his name.

It's the winery's freshest and most daring range.


A young, fresh and fruity wine for modern palates. Made entirely with the Chardonnay variety.

3055 Rosé

A delicate, sensual rosé with a distinctive pale pink colour, made with the Pinot Noir variety, one of the most elegant and international French grapes.

3055 Petit

A sensual, velvety and contemporary wine. Made with the Petit Verdot and Merlot varieties, it represents the youth of the winery's most complex reds.

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