Jean Leon wines:
organic and unique

A commitment to keeping Jean Leon's legacy alive

Producing unique wines of exceptional quality that reflect the ultimate expression of their terroir.

Qualified Estate Wines

Qualified Estate Wines express their exceptional nature through several defining factors: a specific environment featuring different soil and microclimatic characteristics from other nearby vineyards. They are the bottled expression of a terroir that makes each wine unique.

The youngest: 3055

It is the winery's freshest and most daring range. It pays tribute to its founder and his origins, and it conveys all the energy, rebelliousness and youth of a Ceferino Carrión full of dreams and hopes to share. The number 3055 represents Jean Leon's taxi driver's licence in New York and reveals the man behind the legend, the humble origins of an idealist who achieved his dream of founding the most luxurious restaurant in Hollywood and making a wine bearing his name.

The native range: homage to the Penedès region

The Native range, created with indigenous Catalan varieties, pays homage to the region chosen by Jean Leon to fulfil his dream of making a wine bearing his name. Catalan ceramic tiles, a valuable piece of our heritage and traditional culture, provide the inspiration for the design of this collection.

The most intuitive and experimental version

An exclusive range of handcrafted and very limited production wines paying tribute to the most intuitive, experimental and determined version of Jean Leon. These are wines in pursuit of a unique and distinctive character through coupage, micro-vinification and different varieties.