General Conditions Of Reservation

JEAN LEON, S.L.U. (hereinafter JEAN LEON): 

  • Official address: C/ Chateau Leon, s/n, 08755 Torrelavit, Barcelona. - Contact email: 
  • Tax Code (CIF): B08271454. 
  • Entry in the Company Register: Entered in the Company Register of Barcelona, volume 29.429, book 24, sheet B-71054. 

These conditions exclusively govern the reservation of tickets for wine tourism visits to the  Visitor Centre at Chateau Leon, s/n, 08755 Torrelavit (Barcelona) via its website tickets for wine tourism visits are reserved for individuals. 

To reserve tickets, you cannot be a minor and must have sufficient legal authority to take  out the product offered. 

You undertake not to carry out reservations via the unauthorised use of any robot or other  automated device or any other unlawful or unauthorised activity. JEAN LEON reserves  the right to cancel any transaction which it reasonably suspects has been carried out  without complying with these conditions, without prior notice, and each and every ticket  acquired via this transaction will be cancelled. 

The data you provide voluntarily must be true and complete. Otherwise, JEAN LEON will  be entitled to cancel the reservation, without you being entitled to any kind of  compensation or refund. 

  1. Objective and subjective scope of these general conditions. 

The particular conditions for each activity will specify the following: - What the activity includes. 

    • Any special situations affecting minors or people with disabilities.
    • Timetables and location. 
    • Languages of the activity. 
  1. Price. 

Ticket prices are given in euros with all taxes included; when applicable, printing costs  are not included and these must be met by yourself. 

JEAN LEON reserves the right to alter its prices at any time but tickets will be charged  based on the rates valid at the time the purchase is recorded. 

  1. Purchase conditions. 

The data provided will be verified and these data will be confirmed before payment is  made. 

JEAN LEON reserves the right to cancel or reject any reservation made by a user with  whom it is involved in a legal dispute regarding the payment of a previous purchase. 

JEAN LEON undertakes to accept your reservation in accordance with the terms of the  general conditions of sale presented here.

You state that you know and accept these conditions before confirming your reservation. Consequently, confirmation of a reservation implies acceptance of these conditions.

  1. Availability. 

The tickets and prices we offer are valid while they are published on the website and  always depending on availability. 

Given this situation, indications will be provided regarding the availability of tickets at the  time each reservation is processed, although errors or modifications may exceptionally  occur. 

    • Cancellation. 

Once the reservation has been made, the specific conditions for each activity will apply  should you need to cancel your visit. 

Should JEAN LEON cancel the activity, you will be offered a refund of the sale price of  the ticket, deducting the costs incurred by this refund according to each activity, or the  chance to arrange the activity for another day, according to JEAN LEON availability. In  such cases, JEAN LEON will either contact you by telephone or email. 

In accordance with the specific conditions stipulated for each activity, should you  choose to have the product's sale price refunded, you will receive this refund within a  maximum period of 14 (fourteen) calendar days, as from the date on which JEAN LEON receives your written confirmation that the product will be returned. 

To carry out a refund, please contact us by telephone 93 817 76 90 or email

JEAN LEON will not accept any chance or return without receiving prior notification.

    • Returns. 

Once a ticket has been acquired, it cannot be exchanged for any other or its price  refunded. 

  1. Payment. 
    • Payment terms. 

Purchases are paid for by card. 

We accept the following credit cards: Visa / Eurocard and Mastercard. 

Each activity establishes how the payment should be made, which can be online and/or  via bank transfer and/or on the day of the visit. 

If the activity is paid for online, the user's account will be debited within maximum 4 (four)  days from the date of the reservation, which will be considered effective after the  agreement between the payment centres is confirmed. 

All purchases are carried out within a strict framework of confidentiality and encoded  using the SSL protocol. 

If applicable, when you click on the "Confirm" button to validate the reservation, our  bank will check the validity of your credit card number and that it has not been blocked.

JEAN LEON does not access your bank details in any case, nor does it store them on its  servers. 

For this reason, each time to carry out a transaction on our website you must provide  your details again. 

This provides you with double protection against abuse and fraud. 

    • Secure payment. 

In accordance with our commitment to secure payments, we inform you that JEAN LEON verifies the reliability of the data provided while payment is being carried out. 

This process forms part of our attempts to combat fraud in online payments and to  protect consumers as a whole. 

JEAN LEON has designed a verification process to prevent the fraudulent use of our  clients' bank details. As part of this process, JEAN LEON reserves the right to ask its clients  to send (by fax or post) a copy of both sides of their national identity document, as well  as a document certifying their place of residence for at least the past three months. No  reservation can be made before these documents have been received and checked.  The documents requested must be sent within 6 (six) working days. 

JEAN LEON reserves the right to return the order should it not receive the aforementioned  documents or if they are not valid. 

  1. Printing tickets. 

JEAN LEON reserves the right not to admit people to its facilities. Should this occur, the  sale price of the ticket will be refunded in accordance with that established in these  conditions. 

You will be responsible for printing the tickets, if necessary. 

When you receive your tickets, keep them in a safe place. JEAN LEON is not liable for any  lost or stolen ticket. 

When making the reservation, the number of bookings may be limited to a certain  number per visit. This number can be seen on the first page of the reservation and is  verified in each transaction. This policy has been applied to prevent unfair practices in  reserving tickets. 

Tickets may be limited to a certain number per person, per credit card. We reserve the  right to cancel tickets acquired that exceed this number, without prior notice. 

Tickets may be offered with certain restrictions regarding access or use, such as a  minimum age for entry. When this is the case, such restrictions are published on our  website or communicated another way, previously or at the time of making the  reservation. You are responsible for making sure you read all the notifications published  on our website. 

You may not resell or pass on your tickets. Any resale or transfer (or attempted resale or  transfer) of a ticket means that this ticket may be confiscated or cancelled, without  entitlement to any refund or other compensation. 

  1. Modifications. 

The information appearing on this website was valid at the time of its last update. JEAN  LEON reserves the right to update, alter or eliminate the information on this website.

This website cannot be altered, changed, modified or adapted. However, JEAN LEON reserves the authority to carry out, at any time, any changes or modifications deeemed  appropriate, being able to exercise this authority at any time and without prior notice in  terms of the availability of its products and campaigns. 

JEAN LEON reserves the authority to unilaterally alter the conditions as well as the  conditions and terms of use of this website. Any modification thereof will be duly  announced. Modifications to the conditions of use will come into effect at the time they  are published on this website. 

  1. Data protection. 

We inform you that, in accordance with current data protection legislation and the  European General Data Protection Regulation, any personal data entered via the  corresponding section of the website, as well as any data which you  may provide in the future as part of your relationship with this organisation, will be  processed by JEAN LEON, which will be the controller in terms of data processing for the  following purposes: 

    • Arranging your visit, workshop, tasting or activity at our facilities. - As well as managing your invoice to comply with tax obligations. 
    • In addition, we may also send you communications about our products and  services, both printed and electronic, provided you have authorised this by  ticking the corresponding box. 

We are entitled to process your data based on your consent. 

To exercise your rights of access, rectification, erasure, objection, restriction of processing  and portability of the data, as well as to withdraw the consent given to send commercial  communications or the consent to process your personal data, you can write to Chateau  Leon, s/n, 08755 Torrelavit (Barcelona) or via email with the subject heading “Personal  Data” to the following address: , in both cases including a  photocopy of your identity card or passport. 

Moreover, every time we send you information about our products and services we will  include a link or email address which can be used to unsubscribe from these  communications. 

You can also contact the Spanish Data Protection Agency via the following link: 

For more information on the processing of your data, please consult our Privacy Policy by  means of the following link: Privacy Policy - Jean Leon . 

  1. Duties of the parties. 
    • 9.1. Duties of the user. 

During the activity, users undertake to: 

      • Present the ticket together with this reservation on the day of the activity. - Pay the price for the activity before it starts. 
      • Respect the rules of civil conduct at all times. 
      • Notify of any anomaly, injury, damage or situation.
      • Comply with the general rules of safety. 
      • Not bring any animals into the area where the activity is carried out.
    • 9.2. Duties of JEAN LEON. 

JEAN LEON undertakes to: 

      • Carry out the activity as presented to the user in terms of date, location and  language. 
      • Maintain the facilities where the activity is carried out and ensure an appropriate  state of cleanliness. 
      • Inform users regarding any safety considerations to be taken into account.
  1. Browsing, access and security. 

Accessing and browsing this website site implies that you accept and know the legal  notices, conditions and terms of use contained therein. JEAN LEON makes the utmost  effort to ensure browsing can be carried out under the best conditions and to prevent  any kind of injury ordamage that may occur while browsing. 

This website has been designed to support the most widely used browsers (Explorer,  Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera). 

JEAN LEON is not liable for any injury or damage of any kind that may be caused to users  because they have used other browsers or other versions of browsers for which this  website has been designed. Access to this website is carried out within a non-secure  environment and the information provided is therefore not encrypted. 

JEAN LEON is not liable for nor does it guarantee that access to this website will be  uninterrupted or free from error. Neither is it liable for nor does it guarantee that the  content or software which may be accessed via this website is free from error or cannot  cause harm. Under no circumstances is JEAN LEON liable for any losses, damage or injury  of any kind resulting from access to and use of the website, including but not limited to  the following: that caused to computer systems or produced by the introduction of a  virus. JEAN LEON is not liable for any damage or injury that may occur to users due to the  inappropriate use of this website. 

  1. Intellectual copyright. 

All information contained on this JEAN LEON website, as well as its graphic design and  the codes used, are protected by copyright and other protective laws contained in  Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996, of 12 April, approving the Revised Text of the Intellectual  Copyright Act. 

These rights belong exclusively to JEAN LEON or to Group companies or to third parties  that have authorised their inclusion. Consequently, any act of reproduction, distribution,  transformation or public communication is expressly prohibited, as well as any kind of  transfer, of all or part of the content of this website and, in general, of any object which,  according to current legislation, can be protected by intellectual property laws. 

All the content of the website, and all the content available via the services provided,  including designs, text, graphics, images, video, information, applications, software,  music, sound and other files, as well as the selection and layout (the "content”) belongs  exclusively to JEAN LEON or to its licensees, with all rights reserved. No part of the content  of the website may be modified, copied, distributed, framed, reproduced, republished,  downloaded, extracted, displayed, published, transmitted or sold in any way or via any 

medium, totally or partially, without prior consent in writing from JEAN LEON. Provided the  user is authorised to use the website, JEAN LEON grants a limited licence to use and  access the website and the website content and to lawfully download, solely for  personal and non-commercial use, the content thereof, provided all the warnings about  authorship rights and intellectual copyright are not infringed. The website content cannot  be uploaded or republished on any internet, intranet or extranet site nor can the  information be incorporated into databases or compilations. Any other use of the  website content is strictly prohibited. 

  1. Registered trademarks. 

All the brands, logos and anagrams shown on this site are owned by JEAN LEON and/or  other companies in the JEAN LEON belonging Group. It is expressly prohibited to use,  without prior consent, any JEAN LEON element which is protected under current industrial  copyright legislation. Especially, any brands, trade names, signs of establishments,  names, logos, slogans or any kind of distinctive sign belonging to JEAN LEON may not be  used without written permission from JEAN LEON or from the third party company. 

  1. Legal action. 

JEAN LEON and/or other companies in the JEAN LEON belonging Group reserve the  possibility to bring the corresponding legal action against any users that violate or infringe  their intellectual or industrial copyright. 

  1. Applicable law and jurisdiction. 

The general conditions of sale and privacy policy presented here are subject to Spanish  law. 

The courts and tribunals of Barcelona will have the authority to hear any disputes  regarding the interpretation, fulfilment or validity of these general conditions of sale.