Many wines have a story to tell.
But very few tell one as incredible
as the story of Jean Leon.

Jean Leon winery: the art of winemaking

Jean Leon is a small winery located in the Penedès region. It was founded in 1963 by the Cantabrian Jean Leon (born Ceferino Carrión). He was a visionary who realised his two great dreams: to open the most luxurious restaurant in Hollywood, and to make an exclusive wine to be enjoyed by his important clientele. ​

The winery, owned by the Torres family since 1994 and managed by Mireia Torres since 2010, was the first to produce a single-variety Cabernet Sauvignon wine in Spain. It was also the first winery in the Penedès region to receive 'Vi de Finca' recognition for four of its wines. This is the highest distinction awarded by the Government of Catalonia. ​

With 65 hectares of vineyards, all our wines have been certified organic since the 2012 vintage.​

The story of a wine

Each bottle of wine is the result of a long process that involves the land, nature, the climatic conditions that play a decisive role each year. The effort and dedication of the whole team behind the winery to ensures that each process is performed to perfection.


Pruning is crucial for a good wine. Vine care has a significant impact on the production and quality of the grapes and wine. It is an artisanal process in which the winegrowers plan and choose how the vines grow. A wine's true origin always lies in the soil.


The harvest is the most exciting period of the year. They are frenetic, intense and stimulating days, with nerves on edge to find out how the harvest is going to be, and if everything will go according to plan. Once the grape is harvested… the adventure begins!


Once grapes are at the winery and the barrels have been filled, the longest and most painstaking process begins. Time seems to stand still at the winery, where patience and calmness take over. We carefully and sensitively follow the evolution of the wine, letting it follow its natural course and develop all its complexity and character.


Blending is a crucial moment that relies on the experience of oenologists. Through tasting, they determine the ideal balance for Vinya La Scala and predict how it will evolve in the bottle over time.


Labelling is the end of a huge team effort. It is our cover letter, how we show ourselves to the world, and how we want to be perceived. Every bottle must reach each customer impeccably and without any defects.

Jean Leon.

One of Jean Leon's most valuable assets is the team that tends and nurtures each and every bottle produced at the winery.

Behind Jean Leon is a small group of highly qualified professionals. They are passionate about the world of wine. This team is led by Mireia Torres Maczassek, director of Jean Leon and the fifth generation of the Torres family.

Our team

At the heart of Jean Leon beats a small team driven by passion, effort and dedication. We strive every day to keep Jean Leon's legacy alive: producing unique wines of exceptional quality that reflect the ultimate expression of their terroir.

Administration, Sales and Marketing


Wine tourism


Mireia Torres

Managing Director of Jean Leon and Director of Innovation and Knowledge at Familia Torres. She has made a name for herself in the wine world by dedicating a significant part of her professional career to oenology and viticulture research.

Our unique and soulful wines are produced from exclusive vineyards in the Penedès region.