ViArt: Wine and landscape are the key elements of Vinya La Scala Cabernet Sauvignon Gran Reserva

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It’s worth waiting for, because when it arrives, it creates a buzz. It’s not a person or a special day. We’re talking about the new vintage of Vinya La Scala Cabernet Sauvignon Gran Reserva, our most iconic wine and also the one that’s most representative of Jean Leon’s values.

This year, it was the turn of the excellent 2013 vintage to serve as the basis for a wine that’s only produced in years with an exceptional harvest and that we always illustrate with the work of a famous artist. That is how our founder began with the 1979 vintage, so we continue to do it this way to keep the legacy he left us intact.

For this year’s label, we chose a work by the artist Gloria Muñoz that is an especially delicate and sensitive reflection of the landscape where all our wines are born, the Penedès. To find out more about the artist and the reasons she chose a landscape from our region to illustrate the label, we visited her in her studio together with our manager, Mireia Torres. It was a get-together that falls within our “ViArt” concept, where we’re keen to learn more about the pairing between our wine and the artist who illustrates the label.

When we first meet the artist in front of a canvas she’s about to finish, she shows us and affirms to us “that painting is my way of life, a real passion.” The same went for Jean Leon with wine, and it’s a crucial condition in order to find success and push ahead with any personal or professional project. The conversation between Mireia and Gloria, in a relaxed setting that exudes art from every corner, leads us to discover the artist’s reasons for using landscapes and nature in the majority of her works. “To me, observing nature and getting in touch with it has given me some very important experiences and connected me to the cosmos.” The Mediterranean and Catalonia occupy a very large part of her work because “their landscapes are stimulating and ever-changing. They have a very powerful nature.

With the wine uncorked and seated facing each other, Mireia does a first tasting of the new Jean Leon Vinya La Scala. Gloria wants to know what feelings it stirs in a winemaker and asks her how it tastes. “Black fruit, plum jam, toasted notes from its time aging in the barrel, aromatic Mediterranean herbs” are some of the first sensations she detects initially on the nose. But for Gloria, there’s a very important factor, the color, and Mireia agrees. “It’s the first indication to know what kind of wine we’re going to find.”

Torres and Muñoz toast to art and wine. A pairing that is undoubtedly closely associated with our story.

You can see the full interview here.

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