Gastronomic trends for this new year: five pillars (and one of which we are especially proud)

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By Sergi Castro, Jean Leon Sommelier

A new year brings a fresh opportunity to delve into the upcoming culinary trends. 

As is customary each year, after perusing and examining some of the most prestigious websites on the subject, we can conclude that certain trends from recent years are solidifying, along with some notable contradictions. Let's explore:

Plant-Based and Veganism

A trend on the rise in recent years involves a greater consumption of vegetables as a healthier lifestyle alternative. BUCKWHEAT or BUCKWHEAT is making a strong entrance into kitchens, both in restaurants and at home. Cocoa pulp is also emerging as a nearly superfood with a growing presence among the trendiest. 

However, there's a certain contradiction in this trend: while the idea is to consume more plant-based foods in their purest form, ultra-processed foods continue attempting to clean up their image by reducing the use of additives with too much of a chemical connotation. and they are now crafting their "meats" using more recognizable ingredients such as legumes. 

At the same time, we will witness a growth in plant-based fish. In this regard, Jean Leon wines are organic and suitable for vegans, so there's no need to give up quality wine to embrace this trend 😉

Small Bites, Tapas, and Individual Portions

Small Bites, Tapas, and Individual Portions

In essence, tapas become universal, but with an added element: luxury. These individual portions feature small quantities of luxurious foods such as caviar, lobster, oysters... because "one day is one day." Therefore, we will continue to see many Instagram photos of "small indulgences," either solo or in groups, cheese and charcuterie boards, hopefully accompanied by a glass of good wine. Will we finally witness the destigmatization of rosé?

Nostalgic Food, New Fusions, and Spiciness

The revival of traditional, grandmother's kitchen is establishing itself as a trend. Spoon dishes, Sunday paella, or cocido croquettes are making a comeback without contradicting the rise of new fusion cuisines, rooted in increasingly exotic places like Sri Lanka, the Philippines, or Central American countries. 

In terms of spices, one trend surpasses the others: new forms of spiciness from diverse origins will stimulate our palates. The sweet-spicy combination will be a star both on the plate and in the glass, where tropical and Caribbean-origin cocktails will satisfy the nostalgia of boomers and the curiosity of Generation X. 

Remember that, to counter spiciness, it's best to go for fresh and light wines, like those in our 3055 range. But to accompany traditional cuisine dishes, our Estate Wines, guardians of Jean Leon's legacy, are perfect.

Women in Power

Women in Power

On a dual front, the female influence takes the reins in 2024. On one hand, the trend toward healthy eating is starting to consider foods that support better hormonal health in women's processes, highlighting beneficial foods in pre and postpartum, menopause, or even the sleep process. 

On the other hand, there are increasingly more female names at the helm of restaurants, wineries, or as opinion leaders in the world of enogastronomy. Their voices are gaining more respect and have a greater influence in a world that, until recently, was predominantly male. 

The team at Jean Leon winery is composed of 50% women, especially in crucial areas such as general management or oenology.



One of the major trends in 2024, and one that we are truly proud of, is regenerative agriculture. 

Managing water in the face of inevitable climate change, seeking better soil health that will reflect in the resulting products, and elevating ecological awareness to a higher level. Holistic vision of the vineyard and its surroundings, awareness the soil itself acts as a CO2 capturer and storer, all to ensure that the fruit from this healthier and more balanced soil is also healthier and more beneficial for our well-being. 

At the Jean Leon winery, we have been practicing regenerative viticulture for 2023, aiming for greater overall sustainability while actively participating in the fight against climate change to offer you better, more sustainable, and healthier wines.

A very happy new year from the entire Jean Leon team, working every day to offer you better wines, the fruit of a legacy that we have been striving to maintain for more than 60 years.

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