Desire for spring



by Sergi Castro, Jean Leon sommelier

I'm going to be very honest, at Jean Leon we would love to have a rainy spring. I know it's not a nice thing to say, but the persistent drought accumulated over the past year has presented us with water and vineyard management challenges that are very difficult to manage.

From the winery we are carrying out a series of important actions such as eliminating the grassy areas of the visitor center, installing support irrigation for new plantings or the construction of small ponds to accumulate rainwater to mitigate the effects of this persistent drought.

But we understand that we are all looking forward to spring, to see how the days lengthen, to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family... And whether outdoors, on a picnic, on a terrace, or on the balcony of your house, or indoors, we have the wine that will make you feel all the essence of spring: Jean Leon Nativa Xarel·lo.

Our version of this variety so typical of our land expresses its most delicate and subtle side, with floral aromas, some white fruit and a hint of fennel. Fresh and with a certain volume conferred by its aging on its fine lees.

Jean Leon Nativa Xarel·lo transports you to a walk in the countryside on these sunny days, with a light breeze swaying the tender green leaves dotted with flowers. To drink with friends, to accompany a salad or some steamed mussels.

A wine without artifice to feel the spring wherever you are.

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