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Land. Environment, Character. The Jean Leon Native range, produced with native Catalan varieties, pays homage to Penedès, the region chosen by Jean Leon to fulfil his dream of making a wine bearing his name. Catalan tiles, a valuable piece of our heritage and traditional culture, provide the inspiration for this collection.

The Wind Rose represents this organic, fresh and elegant Xarel·lo, made from 100% of the quintessential Penedès grape variety.

The essence
of the Penedés

Xarel·lo is a characteristic variety of the Penedès Denomination of Origin. It is the most widely cultivated grape variety and is perfectly adapted to the local terroirs and climates.

It is a hardy plant offering early sprouting and regular growth. Resistant to drought and heat, it produces a consistent and high-quality crop year after year.

A wine with a crisp entry and honest acidity. This delicate and elegant acidity is consistent throughout the palate. It has a smooth and persistent finish, sweetened by an unctuousness and volume achieved through ageing on lees.

DO Penedès
100% Xarel·lo
Alcoholic fermentation for 12 days at a controlled temperature of 15ºC
A land. An environment. A character.

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The rose of the winds

The tile illustrating this first release of the Native Range, Jean Leon Xarel·lo, is a set of four individually decorated fragments with a central eight-pointed star known as "The Rose of the Winds", painted in blue and yellow and surrounded by plant motifs.

The "Rose of the Winds" is a diagram whose meaning is closely associated with monitoring the weather and wind through its points that mark the eight main directions on a compass rose.

This tile dates back to between the 17th and 19th centuries, at a time when vineyards were flourishing, and the wine trade was booming in the Penedès region.

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