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Qualified Estate Wines

Qualified Estate Wines express their exceptional nature through several defining factors: a specific environment featuring different soil and microclimatic characteristics from other nearby vineyards. They are the bottled expression of a terroir that makes each wine unique.

Jean Leon has held the "Qualified Estate Wine" certification granted by the Government of Catalonia for four of its wines since 2013. It was the first winery in the Penedès region and the second in Catalonia to obtain this distinction, the highest recognition awarded to wines in Catalonia.


The Jean Leon winery is in the DO Penedès region. The estate spans an area of 150 hectares. Of the 65 hectares currently used for wine production, 35 hectares are exclusively dedicated to cultivating the four Qualified Estate Wines.
Set between 280 and 310 metres (depending on the plot) above sea level, the estate is south-facing and gently sloping, which is crucial for rainwater drainage.

Vinya La Scala

This Gran Reserva, the winery's most prized wine, is named after the restaurant founded by Jean Leon in Beverly Hills. It is the bottled essence of Jean Leon's dreams.

Vinya Le Havre

Jean Leon set sail for the USA as a stowaway from the French port of Le Havre. He was soon discovered by a sailor who looked kindly upon him and decided to help him stay hidden. Vinya Le Havre is a tribute to this unknown sailor, who would change Jean Leon's life forever.

Vinya Palau

From stowaway to taxi driver in New York, Jean Leon became the owner of the most successful restaurants in Hollywood and founded a winery bearing his name. Always true to his origins, Vinya Palau is a tribute to his hometown of Santander, the starting point of a lifetime of success.

Vinya Gigi

Jean Leon's charisma and discretion took him to the inner circles of Hollywood stars, with whom he felt very much at home. Years later, he would honour his own family by producing this wine, one of the first Chardonnays in Spain.

Vinya Le Havre 60th Anniversary

We are celebrating our 60th anniversary with a small production of our emblematic Vinya Le Havre Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva, released once again to demonstrate the excellent ageing capacity of Jean Leon Estate Wines.

Wine Library Collection

Our Wine Library Collection is located in the depths of our winery, a truly magical place that houses our historic wines, from the very first vintages produced by Jean Leon to our latest releases.

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