The Secret of the Winery’s Doors

Jean Leon


This isn't the first time we describe some of the special features at our winery. We've told you about the almond tree that we visit when we need to take a breather or get motivated. We've also told you about the winery corner where time seems to stand still, and we cellar our oldest bottles.


Well, today we're venturing a few meters outside to examine a detail that is easily overlooked, although not by us. When it happens to our guests, we make sure they take a closer look.




We're talking about the doors that lead into the winery. They are impressive wooden doors, made to measure by carpenters in Pla del Penedès, with the image of a lion in the center. Every detail is handcrafted.


These extraordinary doors have their own story. They are made of solid wood, which has proven to withstand both mishaps and misfortune. On June 28th, 1999, the winery collapsed, and of the four doors in use at the time, only two emerged unscathed.




The two surviving doors were used to create two new entrances. One leads into the current winery, and the other provides access to the shipping warehouse.


We take a moment to admire them every time we walk into the winery. They are a testament to our past, our present and our future. They remind us to look back and remember that in difficult times, what matters most is to get up and keep going.

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