The corner of contemplation

Jean Leon


Motivating yourself, relaxing, letting the mind wander: the ways to do so are endless. Sometimes all three share one and the same goal. Everyone has their own method. Some people enjoy listening to calm, soothing, relaxing music, whereas others prefer the exact opposite. Much has been written about motivational techniques, so we won't elaborate on that. What we do want to talk about here are our favorite corners of the winery. Relaxing spots, good places to think.

This is often easily accomplished. Walking outside to contemplate the landscape is something we do regularly. Especially from this spectacular almond tree. It has been with us for years, and by now the entire Jean Leon team has embraced it as part of their daily routine. The tree's most distinctive feature, and what makes it so special, is that it presides over truly stunning views of the Penedès. The land that gives meaning to our wines.

The Penedès is a multifaceted, exceptional and unique landscape. It is an incomparable place with different climates and landscape features, made up of rich, varied soils, that shape the identity of our wines. Cloaked in green mountains and plains on one side, edged in Mediterranean blue on the other.

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The landscape inspires us while encouraging us to stay true to who we are. The landscape and the wines are what define us. This is our first inspiring corner. There are many others, and we're excited to share them with you in upcoming posts.

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