A place where time stands still

Jean Leon


In an earlier post, we shared a photo of our gorgeous almond tree, one of our favorite spots at the winery. An open space, full of colors, nuances and contrasts that inspires and relaxes us, and where we can observe the persistent passage of time.


This time we'd like to show you a different corner of the winery, essentially the complete opposite of the almond tree. The place is dark, intimate, only appreciated by people who understand wine and know that the passage of time and bottle aging are crucial to obtaining a good result.


We often seek out this spot to break with our daily routine, and we consider it our own personal treasure. It is a unique place that makes us slow down and take a moment to think, reflect and dream.


The humidity, temperature, darkness and silence; the old bottles in endless rows, the smell of wood and cork and the passing of time: together they make up an interior landscape where we feel at home.


Time stands still. We contemplate the bottles with pride, because we know that within a few years, our dream will become a reality.


Welcome to one of the most authentic and historical corners of the Jean Leon winery, a place that says a lot about us.

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