The Rise of Rosé



When the weather turns warm and sunny, rosé moves up in the world. Once regarded as the ugly duckling of the wine world, rosé is in style this summer. And it is more than a fleeting trend. International Wine & Spirit Research estimates that the consumption of rosé between 2012 and 2017 will see an increase of 7.7%. This represents a higher growth rate than whites and reds, which come in at about 4.5%.  


Rosé is here to stay. Fresh and elegant, this is a wine to fall in love with. The French were the first to make rosé famous and fashionable. The pale rosés produced in Provence defined a style that went on to inspire many other wineries, although every region has its own particular way of making rosés. Whereas the New World goes for intense rosés, the Mediterranean region tends toward subtle and sophisticated ones.


These days rosés offer a wide array of options. Some are paler, others more intense, but the concept stays the same: a fresh, light wine that is perfect for summer, but versatile enough to drink year round.


We’re not new to the world of rosés, as proven by our 3055 Rosé. It belongs to the wine range inspired by our founder’s taxi license number. We love its color, freshness and flavor, which displays predominant cherry and raspberry notes framed by excellent acidity.


We’re not the only ones partial to this rosé. Vanity Fair included the wine on its list of 6 essential rosés and Joyce Magazine dedicated a special spread to our rosé a couple of months ago. It was also our wine pick to welcome the spring and the warm weather. 


Rice dishes, fresh seaside fish, tapas, salads, pasta… Top-notch companions for a charming rosé that finds friends and allies in just about every dish.


The time has come to open your mind (and palate) and let the magic of rosé seduce you.


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