Sustainability and proximity: the most important trends of 2022

Jean Leon y Sustainability


Like every year, we start the blog with a review of the trends in the world of wine for this 2022 that begins. To do this, we have had the help of our sommelier Sergi Castro, who tells us the following:

“Like every start of the year, I like to read about the gastronomic trends that are going to stand out over the next twelve months. Little is said about wine in these articles, but the points that derive from the behavior and/or interest of the consumers themselves can help us understand where we are positioned.

Let me explain: I don't know who has decided that the exotic fruit for 2022 is going to be the pitaya, but the choice of this fruit, which comes from a cactus and needs much less water to be cultivated, responds to the more general trend of looking for sustainability. And that is important.

Because of all the articles that I have consulted, two concepts lead, or we could say they take hold, in this year that we begin: sustainability and proximity.


What do we consumers think?

Consumers want to know what we eat, who has produced it and how it has been produced. And apparently, we bet more and more on producers with an awareness of sustainability, responsible both with the environment and with the society in which they live, who take care of every last detail so that we can consume good products with an ecological conscience.

The online sale that has grown so much, due to the circumstances, during the last two years has allowed local producers of fruit, vegetables, cheese, meat, etc. be more easily accessible to the consumer. And at the same time be "tourist destinations" for that day trip visiting the farm and being able to verify in situ that we have made a good choice while knowing the human face behind these products.


That is why at Jean Leon we are happy and we face the new year with optimism. We can say that we are a trend. Organic for 10 years. And taking a step further by betting on regenerative viticulture. Our doors are always open so that you can come and see us and learn the fascinating story of a dreamer and how day after day we work to maintain that historical legacy.


So not only do we wish you a very good New Year, but we hope to see you in our house, in the winery, so that you can learn about our constant work to bring you local and sustainable wines to your table and that we are sure you will like.”

Sergi Castro Sole

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