Mundus Vini 2024



Jean Leon's Qualified Estate wines have won three gold medals at Mundus Vini 2024.

In the international Mundus Vini competition that took place on March 11, 2024, our winery has been awarded three gold medals for our Qualified Estate wines: the Vinya Gigi 2022 chardonnay, the Vinya Palau 2019 merlot and the Vinya Le Havre 2020 cabernet.

The jury, made up of 250 sector professionals from 55 countries, highlighted the exceptionality of these wines during the blind tasting, each of them standing out for their uniqueness and distinctive character.

The Vinya Gigi 2022 chardonnay, named in honor of Jean Leon's daughter, captivated with its fruity and citrus aromas, demonstrating exceptional harmony in every sip.

For its part, the Vinya Palau 2019 merlot, a tribute to Jean Leon's hometown, Santander, seduced the jury with its captivating aromas of cherries and forest fruits, along with its notable complexity and structure in the mouth.

Finally, the Vinya Le Havre 2020 cabernet, inspired by the French port from which Jean Leon pursued his American dream, has stood out above all for its harmony, in addition to other aspects that coincide with Vinya Palau, such as the aromas of forest fruits, the Marked acidity and complexity.

These recognitions are a reflection of Jean Leon's commitment to enological excellence, combining winemaking tradition with innovation in each of our wines.

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