Lifestyle Experience at Jean Leon

Jean Leon y Wine tourism


The forecast was calling for bad weather, rain, and harsh cold, but none of that stopped us from hosting a unique day with 10 lifestyle influencers last Saturday. We invited the influencers and their guests to get a first-hand look at our winery and learn about the story of our founder.

The day kicked off at 11 am on the dot with a screening of an informational video describing the three main focuses of our communication: A Man, A Time, A Wine. This quick journey through the life of Jean Leon first provided some context for our guests. Next, we took them through the winery and the surrounding premises, covering the underground cellar, where we discovered the barrels where our wines are aging, as well as an exclusive area where we keep our oldest bottles.

After learning about the man behind the wines, we turned our focus to the wines themselves. We introduced our guests to each of the red grape varieties we grow at Jean Leon, giving them the chance to taste each variety and then to make their own blend, something we also offer as one of our wine tourism activities. Once the guests had made and bottled their own blends, they attended a photo styling session to create their own compositions using Jean Leon wines and autumnal products. This was when our guests were able to really let their creativity shine, letting their ideas and imaginations run wild and capturing the results for their social media.

The day concluded with a lunch catered by the restaurant Somiatruites, located in Igualada, treating our guests with a tasting menu that was perfectly paired with our 3055 wines. This exclusive culinary indulgence put the finishing touch on a “unique and incomparable” day, as one of our influencers put it. :)

Thanks to everyone for coming and enjoying a unique experience alongside us!

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