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Wine tourism


Are you thinking of experimenting or giving away an experience related to the world of wine? Would you like to enjoy a morning in a winery surrounded by nature and savoring the gastronomy of the area?

In Jean Leon we have launched a new section on our website, from where you can meet, buy and give away all the wine tourism proposals we have prepared for you.

Segway rides around the estate, electric bikes, fun workshops to get to know the world of wine… A great gift to surprise a friend or family member!

We invite you to meet them all!

Our wine tourism experiences

We offer a series of activities where you can enjoy gastronomy and wine in a unique environment. Welcome to a total wine tourism experience.


Visits and pairings

Many wines have something to tell, but very few have a story like that of Jean Leon. Enjoy getting to know him on a visit to the winery accompanied by a wine tasting.

  • Between Cups: You will be able to know the property, the history, the agriculture of our vineyards, the elaboration and the certifications through a tasting directed by our sommelier in a unique environment.

  • Pairing artisanal cheeses: Wine and cheese are two of the mainstays of the Mediterranean diet. Just as every wine is unique, so is every cheese. Playing with the combination of both products can be exciting.

  • Pairing Iberian wines and hams with DO: The choice of 2 ingredients that are part of our culture, wine and ham, are the perfect allies to seduce the palate. We will experience the affinity and contrast of this union.

Experiences between vineyards

We invite you to visit and enjoy a unique environment such as the Penedès knowing first hand the vineyards and corners of this land:


  • Walk through the vineyards: We suggest taking a walk through our vineyards, where we will get to know the viticulture we carry out during the year to obtain the highest quality grapes. All this, surrounded by a unique environment such as the Penedès.

  • Towards wild routes: The surroundings of our farm are real paths full of magic. Each season of the year hides secrets and colors that will make you enjoy the essence of this region. That is why we want to propose a hiking route to get to know first hand the vineyards and corners of this land.

  • E-bike ride: We invite you to discover our vineyards up close with an environmentally friendly vehicle, the electric bike. To enjoy the scenery effortlessly!

  • Electric Scooter Ride: Practice your skill on this fun sustainable vehicle, exploring our farm through its labyrinthine trails and stunning nature.

  • Segway ride: Have fun with a guided Segway ride. With this sustainable vehicle adapted to be able to glide through nature as if you were surfing, where you can discover every corner of our property.


Looking forward to becoming a true sommelier? From Jean Leon, we offer you different workshops so that you can start introducing yourself to the fascinating world of wine.


  • Aromas in the glass: A playful workshop to memorize the aromas present in wines, relating their presence to information on the varieties, elaboration and age of the wine.

  • Introduction to wine tasting: Experience that proposes to teach in a playful and interactive way the steps to be carried out in the visual, olfactory and gustatory field.

  • Introduction to blending: Get to know first hand the experience of producing a wine, exploring the different varieties grown on our farm. Tasting them separately, making your own blend and creating your Jean Leon wine.

Unique and singular experiences

Do you consider yourself an adventurous person? If your answer is yes, we have thought of you in Jean Leon. Live a unique experience that you will never forget with the most special and unique activities we offer you.


  • Balloon ride: During the year the landscape of the Penedès is dressed in different colors… Come and enjoy them from the air! We propose a balloon ride to discover from another perspective the stage where our wines are made.

Wine Bar

And, last but not least, with the desire to have a good time and to live life, we encourage you to get to know and enjoy the incomparable setting of the Penedès from our terrace surrounded by vineyards.

Feel the tranquility of the landscape of the Finca de Jean Leon, whose property extends over 150 hectares of vineyards and native flora.

Discover the incredible history of Jean Leon tasting our historic wines in our Wine Bar paired with a selection of snacks made with local products in a unique atmosphere.

Enjoy all these experiences and book your activity from Jean Leon's website.

We look forward to seeing you!

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