Jean Leon 3055 or the colours of love



By Sergi Castro, sommelier at Jean Leon

There are many different approaches, studies, and dissertations about love. We also find a lot of literature that relates wine to the drink of love. But on this Valentine's Day, we want to focus on a very specific one: color.


1. RED

The quintessential color that represents passion and it's no secret that drinking red wine stimulates the brain to release the hormone oxytocin. Often known as the "love hormone," oxytocin is a chemical compound responsible for types of affectionate emotions.

Let yourself be carried away by our "passionate red" 3055 Petit Verdot-Merlot. A young, versatile, and cheeky red, as it is one of the first to incorporate Petit Verdot grapes in Penedès.



The color pink represents love, romance, sensitivity, and sweetness, while also being related to the ethereal, the sweet and pleasant, tenderness, and innocence. What color do you see life in when you fall in love?

Our 3055 Rosé takes you back to that moment at the beginning of falling in love, sublime, delicate, like in a cloud... And it is made with Pinot Noir, one of the most sensual varieties, according to experts.



The golden color is a variation of yellow, which conveys happiness, optimism, and warmth. Although it is associated with royalty, prestige, and excellence, also with illumination, love, compassion, and courage. It is a color that reflects abundance, prosperity, and sophistication.

Chardonnay-based wines always have those golden reflections that make us feel like the "kings of the world" when we are in love. That's why 3055 Chardonnay carries that message from the glass to your lips, of courage, prosperity, and compassion, also pillars of love.

But finally and also very importantly, these three wines, organic and suitable for vegans, reflect our love for the land and well-done work. So that you celebrate love today, Valentine's Day, and every day of the year.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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