How was the 2023 harvest?

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Now that all the fermentations have been completed and the last vats have been devatted, we can consider the 2023 harvest to be over, and although there is still a lot of work to be done in the winery, it is time to take stock.

It has been a year clearly marked by the drought, which we had been carrying over from the previous year, and by the high temperatures. This has made this harvest, together with last year's, one of the earliest in recent memory.

Rainfall this year has been 65% lower than usual. And temperatures throughout the year, but especially in late spring and during the summer, have been much higher than in previous years, with some really hot nights. Even so, from mid-August onwards the night temperatures moderated quite a bit, and the temperature contrast between day and night was more marked, which is very good for optimum ripening of the grapes.

In general, we can say that the harvest was quite similar to last year's, but very different from previous years. Sanitarily speaking, it has been an excellent year and although the drought and high temperatures have reduced yields in most varieties, the work of our viticulture team, making decisions day by day, has been crucial to minimize the weather effects as much as possible this year.

Vendimia 2023 - Jean Leon

We opened the cellar doors on August 9 with the entry of our chardonnay destined for one of our Qualified Estate Wines, Vinya Gigi, and the young 3055 Chardonnay about 15 days earlier than usual in this area, followed by the Pinot Noir, destined for the 3055 rosé. They were followed by one of our ancestral varieties, Forcada, which is part of our Experimental range. At the beginning of September it was the turn of the Merlot variety for another Qualified Single Vineyard Wine, Vinya Palau, and our young red from the 3055 range. Then it was the turn of another ancestral variety, this time red, the moneu.  

In mid-September, the first Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc arrived, varieties that form the blend of our Vinya Le Havre wine, and which give it structure and complexity.

And we continued with Petit Verdot, an intensely aromatic and spicy variety which, together with Merlot, forms the blend of our young red wine of the 3055 range.

We finished the harvest at the end of September with the last entry of Cabernet Sauvignon, from one of our most characteristic plots, destined for our Gran Reserva icon wine, Vinya La Scala.

Vendimia 2023 - Jean Leon

In summary, 2023 has been a year marked by drought, high temperatures and lower vineyard yields, but the moderation of nighttime temperatures since mid-late August and the rains in September gave us a little respite and slowed down ripening so that the grapes could be harvested at an optimal phenological moment, resulting in good quality wines.

Thanks to the entire Jean Leon team!

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