FO-22, a new experimental wine showing the potential of the forcada ancestral variety



As part of our ongoing commitment to innovation and the recovery of ancestral varieties, we are excited to introduce the latest member of our experimental wine collection: FO-22. This unique and exceptional wine becomes the eighth experimental wine, reflecting the commitment to the potential of the recovered variety Forcada, planted at Jean Leon in 2020. Certified organic, it is one of the few wines currently available made from this variety authorized by the Penedès DO.

Only 3,618 bottles have been produced, making it a real treasure for wine lovers. Following the philosophy of the experimental range, which consists of ephemeral, handcrafted wines, of very limited production and of which only one vintage is made, the winemakers Mireia Torres, director of Jean Leon, and Montse Escoté wanted to experiment on this occasion with Forcada, a pre-phylloxera variety with great oenological potential, well adapted to the Penedès and resistant to drought and high temperatures, which makes it particularly interesting in the current context of climate change.

The Forcada variety

What makes FO-22 even more special is that it is made from the recovered Forcada variety, a pre-phylloxera vine that we planted on our estate in 2020. 

This white variety, perfectly adapted to the Penedès and resistant to drought and high temperatures, was found on the Roca Foradada Mountain, near Vall de Bianya, in the northwest of the Penedès DO. 

A medium-sized, small-grained grape with a long vegetative cycle, this variety produces aromatic, fresh wines with a markedly Mediterranean profile. Recovered by Familia Torres as part of the ancestral varieties project it launched in the 1980s, Jean Leon has planted it in bush vines in a 2.7 hectares clay soil vineyard called La Serra, in the municipality of Torrelavit, which he has cultivated organically.

FO-22 Mireia and Montse

FO-22 Winemaking

At the winery, every vintage is a new adventure, and FO-22 in the 2022 vintage was particularly exciting due to exceptional weather conditions. We experienced a season of persistent drought and high temperatures, resulting in an early harvest that defied our expectations. The Forcada grape, which shares our land with the Chardonnay, was hand-harvested on September 13, about five weeks after its estate companion.

Once fermented, we let it rest for six months in stainless steel tanks, in close contact with its lees in stainless steel tanks. Wines made with the Forcada variety are known for their aromatic intensity and freshness, reflecting their Mediterranean character. You will discover notes of herbs, white flowers and citrus touches that will transport you to our region.

FO-22, experimental wine

Tasting notes

On the nose, this experimental wine captivates us with its aromatic intensity. Notes of white fruit and tropical accents intertwine in a dance of aromas. In addition, a touch of citrus adds freshness and complexity.

On the palate, this wine surprises us with a voluptuous entry that reveals its distinctive character, as well as being fresh and elegant. Good acidity balances the experience, providing a vibrant and lively palate.

The Experimental Wine Collection

FO-22 joins our collection of experimental wines that pay tribute to the most intuitive and determined version of our founder. It is a very personal project of Mireia Torres, director of Jean Leon and winemaker Montse Escoté. Since 2016, we have presented one wine from this collection each year, naming them with the initials of the variety and the vintage year: X-16, CF-15, SM-16, MS-18, CB-19, PV-20, GB-21 and now, our new addition, FO-22. In this collection, each wine is a single varietal, either from indigenous grape varieties such as Xarel-lo, Sumoll and Malvasia de Sitges, or from French varieties such as Cabernet Franc, Chenin Blanc and Petit Verdot.

FO-22, experimental wine

FO-22 is the perfect combination of recovery of ancestral varieties and innovation, and we are excited to share this novelty with you.

We hope you enjoy this unique wine as much as we enjoyed creating it! 


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