Dos Cielos: Down-to-earth haute cuisine



They’re twins: two names, two brothers, two restaurants. Sergio and Javier are Dos Cielos [cielo means heaven, but is also a term of endearment like “angel”, and dos means two]. It's what their grandmother used to call them, and they knew that if they ever opened a restaurant, that would be its name. And they did, back in 2007. The Dos Cielos restaurant opened on the 24th floor of the Hotel Melià Sky in Barcelona. A singular dining establishment that is testimony to the urban transformation of the Poblenou neighborhood. It boasts spectacular views on either side: the mountains and the sea, in keeping with the whole duality theme.


As soon as you arrive on the 24th floor, you see the kitchen. Impeccable, the entire team hard at work. As you walk across, an impressive terrace beckons. Having a cocktail or glass of wine here before dinner is almost a must. “We want our guests to feel at home, to see how we work, because our cooking is completely transparent,” states Javier. Transparent and all about the ingredients. They change their menu throughout the year, taking their cue from whatever is in season. “We are meticulous in everything we cook, and we even work directly with several suppliers to get the best raw materials every day.”


Their passion is undeniable. It comes across in every single word they say. They love to cook and have fun doing so. There is a thought and a unique life experience behind every dish, shaped by vivid memories of their grandmother, Catalina, whom they “blame” for their gastronomic devotion. “She cooked all day long and used fresh and very affordable ingredients to create truly incredible dishes.” Tradition plays a clear role in their cooking, which “is built on a foundation of stews, simple broth, flavors, casseroles.” But they don’t forget to innovate. “One can’t exist without the other.”

Dos Cielos has a Michelin star. “It's nice to be recognized for good work, but we don't obsess over it.” They admit that the best prize is seeing a full dining room, located right in front of the kitchen, with views onto the mountain side of the city. “We only have a few tables,” they explain, “So that every guest receives individual attention and a complete and personalized dining experience.”


Neither of the two is willing to pick a star dish. The menu changes so frequently that the list of options is very long. Eventually they agree that the foie gras ravioli served in a broth that begs to be eaten with a spoon or the peas from the Maresme [the coast north of Barcelona] are among the classics you shouldn’t miss out on at their restaurant.

Wine is essential to a gastronomic experience, something the brothers understand perfectly. They have a wine to go with every dish. “Our menu and our dishes are meant to be paired with wine.”

The cellar that separates a small private dining room from the main restaurant space proves it. It houses over 200 domestic and international wines. Our Vinya Gigi and 3055 Rosé have the privilege of being among the exclusive wines that can be enjoyed on the terrace.

Building on the twin theme, Sergio and Javier decided to open a second restaurant just before the summer. The Gran Melià Palacio de los Duques in Madrid was chosen as the site. It shares a philosophy with its Barcelona sibling, along with some menu items, and both restaurants offer a single tasting menu in the evening. “We're very happy, because we didn't expect to be this well received.” When good work meets a visible passion for food, success is sure to follow.

It does indeed. Dos Cielos described to a T. :)

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