“We get inspired by tradition to innovate”

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They opened the doors to their Dos Cielos restaurant for us, located on the 24th floor of the Hotel Barcelona Meliá Sky; amazing views of Barcelona’s coast and mountains. We spoke to Sergio and Javier Torres about their origins, their passions, and their resolve to turn their dreams into a reality. Twins, friends, partners, and excellent, high-profile chefs.

What are the culinary origins of the Torres brothers?

Sergio: A grandmother called Catalina Moreno García who lived in Linares, who was a cook for posh people and who made traditional but incredibly good food. After the war, she came to Barcelona to look after us because our parents worked. She went in the kitchen and transformed the food at home. She used to spend the whole morning looking for and buying food, and at midday and in the evening she worked magic. She made amazing dishes from just a few ingredients. Those meals were two parties.

Two parties around a table...

Javier: Exactly. As a family. We loved enjoying the kitchen sitting around a table, all together.

And that’s where your calling to become chefs came from...

S: Yes, we saw that she was so happy, we thought being a chef had to be something good... When we turned 8 years old, we sat our parents down and told them we had something very important to tell them: we wanted to be chefs. They just ignored us, but ever since that day we kept insisting until one day they put us in the kitchen.

It’s pretty unusual for two brothers to end up working in the same profession... Have you always done everything together?

S: Yes, and not only in the world of gastronomy – in the world in general. Since we’re twins, we have a very special, close relationship. We’re brothers and friends. We’ve always been thick as thieves and we’ve always been able to get a lot out of it.

When did you decide to set out on this path together?

J: We took a while. We did a lot of traveling around the world and when we found we’d had enough, we decided to do projects together. We were in Brazil for 8 years and at the same time we set up Dos Cielos Barcelona.

What kind of cooking are you interested in?

S: Real cooking. Cooking that’s done with love, with good produce, and good intentions.

J: That comes from someone who gives it feeling and excitement.

S: A luxury product doesn’t have to be something extraordinary; it can be a good tomato, very simple, but done with love. Turning something difficult into something simple. The way we cook is really nice, based on memories.

How do you complement one another? Are you very different?

J: It’s organized chaos. We have very well-defined roles, but we’ve never talked about it. One plus one is two. We always add up.

What’s the secret to your success?

S: Consistency, work, persistence, stubbornness.

J: And excitement and passion in particular. The good thing is that we really enjoy everything we do, and we have a really good time.

S: Cooking is fun.

Is it possible to succeed and win without passion?

J: No. We don’t feel like we’ve won anything, though. We’re very happy, privileged to be able to do what we like.

Which dish do you like to make most?

J: I like working with game. It makes dishes that are very technical, difficult, sometimes disappointing because they don’t turn out as well as you’d like, and they don’t always turn out that same, and that motivates me.

S: I like vegetables. Getting something so simple and natural to turn into something exceptional is the biggest motivation for me.

Did you expect to end up presenting a TV show?

J: No way. It happened indirectly. They asked us to do a pilot show and it worked. That’s how “Cocinados” was born. It allowed us to travel all over Spain and learn about lots of interesting products, flavors, and producers.

I imagine you got to know the best products to incorporate into your cooking...

J: Exactly, because we learned about the origins. We learned a lot and it enabled us to appreciate what it takes to have and make good products.

And then... “Torres en la cocina”...

J: Yes. It’s a good opportunity to convey to people what we think about cooking. It’s been an incredible experience and a daily challenge. We give it everything.

A short time ago you took the leap to Madrid. How’s that experience been?

J: An amazing experience, and we weren’t expecting it. Luckily we have a really good team and we have them in the two restaurants.

What differences are there from the Barcelona restaurant?

J: They share the same philosophy, but each one has its personality.

Is there any day in the year where you don’t see each other?

J: Some days yes, but if we don’t see each other we call each other. (Laugh)

What do you do in your spare time?

S: We like to ride bikes and eat.

What do you think of the boom in gastronomy over the past 5 or 6 years?

J: When we started out, being a chef didn’t have the status it has now. Cooking and gastronomy have become popular.

Innovation or tradition?

J: Both. There is no innovation without tradition. We get inspired by tradition to innovate.

What projects do you have in the pipeline?

J: There are very interesting projects underway, but now our priority is Dos Cielos Barcelona and Madrid. ;)


A little taste

Best time for having a glass of wine.

S: Now.

J: Any time is a good time.

A song to enjoy wine to.

S: “Que hace una chica como tú, en un sitio como éste?” by Burning. (https://youtu.be/6ssGfaPrORE)

J: I can’t choose one.

Somewhere you’d get lost.

S: In my house.

J: Same.

What you do in your spare time.

Both: Biking.

A fault and a virtue.

Both: As a fault, my brother’s a real pain, and as a virtue, he’s a good guy. (Laugh)

What did you want to be when you grew up?

S: Fireman.

J: Something related to art.

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