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The world of wine, opera and art share many similarities, such as passion, sophistication, and complexity. They are sensory experiences that can evoke intense emotions and transport us to another place and time. 

Opera is an art form that has developed over centuries and involves a complex combination of music, singing, acting, and staging. Each opera is unique and requires careful preparation, from costume selection and set preparation to the choice of food and drink to be served during intermission.

As with opera, creating a work of art requires a meticulous process. The artist must consider every detail, from the composition and color palette to the technique and style he or she will use.

Wine also has a long history and tradition and requires a careful winemaking process. Created from carefully selected grapes and crafted with precision, each bottle of wine is unique and has its own personality.

In addition, at Jean Leon we like to link our wines to art, as our founder did from the beginning, and we firmly believe that the pairing between wine and art is enriching and enhances and elevates both experiences to extraordinary levels. 

So, today we share with you a unique pairing between wine, opera and art, which we reproduced last June 10 at the ViArt event, a 3 way pairing by Mireia Torres, winemaker and director of Jean Leon, Marcel Gorgori, journalist and writer and opera expert, and Maria Guinovart, president of the Guinovart Foundation, who joined each  opera with a work that the artist Josep Guinovart specially created for each piece.

Wine, opera and art

1. 3055 Chardonnay & La Cerentola 

3055 Chardonnay & La Cerentola

Let's start our tour with Vino 3055 Chardonnay, a young, fresh and bold white wine. It is characterized by its intense notes of tropical fruit, and a long and balanced aftertaste. This wine harmonizes perfectly with one of Gioacchino Rossini's most popular operas, which reproduces the traditional tale of "Cinderella", with some small changes that marked the opera routines of the theaters, and also the censorship. It is a fun and playful opera, with all the characteristics of the Bel Canto era, vocal embellishments of all kinds for all the protagonists, and comic situations designed to enjoy a fresh music without pretensions of transcendence.

2. Vinya Gigi Chardonnay & Luisa Miller

Vinya Gigi Chardonnay & Luisa Miller

Our next protagonist is Vinya Gigi Chardonnay, an exceptional white wine, from our collection of Qualified Estate Wines. It is a wine with a pale golden color and aromas of fresh tropical fruits and peach. On the palate, it has a voluptuous entry and its balanced acidity makes the wine fresh and persistent. 

To harmonize this more complex wine, the best accompaniment is an opera located in the middle of Verdi's output, Luisa Miller. Although it is not considered among the best known works of the composer from Busetto, it is a typically romantic opera, with some really successful musical moments, and with a plot guided by apparently unrequited but in reality impossible loves, due to social commitments, paternal-filial loves and misunderstood fidelities.

3. Vinya Palau Merlot & Aida

We continue our tour with the Vinya Palau Merlot wine, a single varietal Merlot made in the heart of the Penedès. It is a complex and elegant wine, with an intense and bright red color. On the nose, aromas of ripe fruits, such as plum, ripe black fruits and balsamic, all on a background of light toasted notes. On the palate, it has acidic touches that give it freshness and length. Sweet tannins, round and fleshy. The Vinya Palau Merlot is a wine of Finca Calificada that has its own personality.

We accompany this more complex wine with the opera Aida. This opera was commissioned to Verdi to be included in the acts of inauguration of the Suez Canal and, although it is a antepenultimate opera of the composer, it is full of vitality, strength, ensemble number, triumphal marches and arias of great brilliance. This vitality, the power and beauty of its music, the strength of the plot, and the fact that it is set in the fascinating world of the pharaohs of ancient Egypt, make this opera one of the most popular in Verdi's repertoire.

4. Vinya la Scala Cabernet Sauvignon Gran Reserva & Tannhäuser

We finish our proposal with an elegant and full-bodied wine, with a powerful entry and a long and present finish. This is a complex red wine with an intense aroma, considered the first wine made mainly with the Cabernet Sauvignon variety in Spain. It is characterized by a cherry red color, ripe fruit and spice aromas and a good tannic structure. 

To accompany this oenological jewel, we choose the Tannhaüser opera. This is the second of the operas considered to be in the Wagnerian style. With the daring approach of reflecting on what is the love that humans prioritize, if the physical and sexual love, represented by Venus, or the more chaste, idealized and immaterial love, represented by Elisabeth. It is an opera full of great musical moments of all kinds, from the great orchestral density that is already evident in the opening or in the famous "Pilgrims' Chorus", to moments of intimacy and extreme lyricism such as the romantic "Song of the Star".

The combination of wine, art and opera is a unique experience that allows us to enjoy culture at its best. 

In this article, we have explored some of the best Jean Leon wines to accompany opera, from intense reds to fresh and delicate whites.

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