Wine and the Millennial Generation

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They're young, between 20 and 38 years old. They value brands, design, innovation, ecology and personalization. They're not aliens. They're millennials. A very interesting and strategic demographic for brands in general and the wine sector in particular.


This generation (born after 1980) is changing the wine industry. Mel Dick, vice president of the leading US wine distributor, Southern Wine and Spirits of America, defines millennials as the main consumer demographic to satisfy in coming years.


He isn't the only expert talking about them. David Trone, director of Total Wine and More, insists that millennials are starting to influence the decisions of wineries. Everyone wants to “capture” them. We've got them figured out. :)


Below we've listed the defining characteristics of this particular consumer profile:


  •  They seek the best. A good quality-price ratio. In other words, good wine at a good price.


  •  They like to innovate, be the first to try new wines and recommend them to friends and family.


  • They prefer young, fruit-forward flavors. Good wines that are easy to drink as well as easy to find and purchase.


  • They like buying online. This is the smartphone generation. The phone is an extension of their body so it goes without saying that they must be able to buy the wine online – ideally with Paypal.


  •  They take note of recommendations. They like making recommendations, but are also open to suggestions from their social circle. They're active on social media, and any opinion posted on Instagram or a specialized blog can play a decisive role when it comes to purchasing a wine.


  • They like beer, but prefer wine with dinner or at after-work drinks. Having a glass of wine (red or white) before or during dinner becomes an everyday ritual.


  •  They don't like being experts. They're put off by the elitism occasionally associated with wine. They like wine, but don't feel the need to become experts or play enologist for the day.


  • They like making weekend plans. A weekend at the beach or a country house with friends appeals to them more than clubbing. They also like browsing street markets like White Summer Market (in summer) or Palo Alto Market (year round) and trying new exotic dishes at a food truck, paired with a glass of wine. These are some of the defining characteristics of millennials. Do you identify with any of the above? If so, we're on the right track. ;)

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