Wine and sports: an unbeatable combination



Wine is good
for your health
. That’s clear. It’s an antioxidant,
protects vision, reduces inflammation... There are even studies that say
drinking wine can improve physical performance, cardiac function,
and muscular force; in other words, characteristics that make it an
ideal ally for athletes. 

So, if one of
the most oft-repeated and popular benefits of wine is that drinking it in
moderation helps the heart function well, should you drink it like you would an
isotonic drink? Maybe that’s going a bit far, although the study Improvements
in skeletal muscle strength and cardiac function induced by resveratrol during
exercise training contribute to enhanced exercise performance in rats
published in the Journal of Physiology from Canada’s University of
Alberta, says that resveratrol, the antimicrobial component present in
grapes, increases cardiac frequency, which affects and increases muscular and
physical performance. The study also proved that resveratrol regulates the
circulation of blood to the heart.

Moderation is key

To understand
that none of this is simply an advertising message, there are also studies
showing that 25% of the beneficial effects of the Mediterranean diet are based
on wine consumption.

We’re not about
to start hitting the gym with a bottle of wine, though. The benefits of wine should
be considered as just one part of a healthy and balanced diet – like the
Mediterranean diet – and always in moderation. In fact, according to the studyWhat is the optimal
level of population alcohol consumption for chronic disease prevention in
England? Modelling the impact of changes in average consumption levels
, published in the British Medical
,it is estimated that the appropriate amount of wine for
improving health is half a glass per day.

Penedès 360 Challenge: an initiative that unites wine and sport

Given these
findings, it should come as no surprise that there are activities combining
wine and sport, such as the Penedès 360
. This weekend-long event will bring athletes and visitors
together around wine and the Penedès 360 routes, trails that cross the
Penedès region near the sea, among the vineyards, and in the mountains, designed
for mountain biking, hiking, and slow biking.

On September 27th,
28th, and 29th, the Pla del Penedès will be the
setting for various activities, including races, talks, and product tastings,
in addition to the regional fair and different activities aimed at children.
Saturday the 28th will be Wine Marathon day, while on Sunday it will
be the turn of the cyclists to take center stage, with three races: Pedals del
Vi, Pedals de Verema, and Pedals de Most, the latter of which is a fun ride
open to anyone of any age. 

Are you a fan of
wine and sports? Then taking part in an event like the Penedès 360 Challenge is
sure to be right up your street! You’re still in time to plan a Penedès getaway
in early fall!

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