Wine and poetry, the perfect pairing?

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Dinners and friends, the rain and London, your favorite series and Sunday afternoon... It is clear that there are certain things that, combined, taste better, especially if you pair them with a glass of good wine.

Wine and literature have always gone hand in hand. Throughout history, wine has not only served to accompany the reading of verses, but it has also been used as a source of inspiration to write beautiful poems.

And there are many poets who have dedicated their poetry to wine. Therefore, from Jean Leon we have wanted to make a journey through literature to bring you 4 poems related to wine. And what better way to read them than to do it while drinking a glass of good wine?

Pablo Neruda’s Oda al Vino

Pablo Neruda, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, is one of the most famous poets of recent times and he dedicated one of his poems to wine. We leave you some of his verses below:

“El vino
Mueve la primavera,
Crece como una planta la alegría,
Caen muros,
Se cierran los abismos,
Nace el canto”

Charles Baudelaire and El alma del Vino

Charles Baudelaire, one of the most prominent poets in French literature, also wanted to pay tribute to wine through his verses. Thus, he wrote the following verses:

“Cantó una noche el alma del vino en las botellas:
«¡Hombre, elevo hacia ti, caro desesperado,
Desde mi vítrea cárcel y mis lacres bermejos,
Un cántico fraterno y colmado de luz!»”

José Luis Borges and his Soneto del Vino

José Luis Borges not only wrote novels and short stories, but he also dedicated some verses to wine in his poem Soneto del Vino:

“Con otoños de oro la inventaron. El vino
fluye rojo a lo largo de las generaciones
como el río del tiempo y en el arduo camino
nos prodiga su música, su fuego y sus leones.”

The Brindis by José Ángel Buesa

And we end our tour with the "poet in love" José Ángel Buesa. With his poem Brindis, this writer also paid a beautiful tribute to wine:

“Ahora, elige tú, amiga, cuál ha de ser tu vaso:
si éste, que es como un alba, o aquél, como un ocaso.
No me preguntes nada: yo sé bien que es mejor
embriagarse de vino que embriagarse de amor…
Y así mientras tú bebes, sonriéndome así,
yo, sin que tú lo sepas, me embriagaré de ti…”

We are sure that reading this compilation of poems dedicated to wine has made you want to open a bottle and enjoy a glass of wine. Do you miss any poem that talks about wine? Do you have any other proposal? Let us know!

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