Which is the profile of the Spanish wine tourist?

Wine tourism


According to the eleventh report on Tourist Demand on the Wine Routes in Spain by ACEVIN, more money is spent on wine tourism and more activities related to the world of wine are carried out. These data indicate that the average expenditure of wine tourists amounts to €162 per day.

Another interesting aspect is that visitors spend more time during their stay. Specifically, on average, the wine traveler spends 2.41 days in their stay.

More overnight stays in Wine Routes

In this new edition of the ACEVIN report, it is pointed out that approximately 63% of the Wine Routes tourists make an overnight stay of at least one night. The remaining 37% make occasional visits (that is day trips).

Why? Wine-loving travelers are interested in knowing in depth the destination they are visiting, so they do not hesitate to stay in the area if necessary. In general, the accommodation chosen to spend the night tend to be hotels with four or more stars (22%) or rural establishments (18.6%).

A trip to enjoy as a couple

One of the main motivations for a trip of this kind is a romantic getaway as a couple. In fact, according to this same report, 45% of travelers are couples

Taking into account this fact, it is interesting to promote on quality and well-being in lodgings and offer complete experiences to travelers. 

What does it depend on to choose one or another Route?

As a matter of fact, wine is the main reason for this type of trip. But what leads travelers to choose one or another Wine Route? The majority (40.8%) base their decision on recommendations from friends or family. Although there are also those who pay attention to the interest of the wines of the region (24.5%) or the advertising and marketing of each winery.

How is the profile of the wine tourist?

The profile of the wine tourist is usually a woman (57.2%) between 36 and 45 years old (32.5%). Although it is true that the difference between both sexes is very low and that, in general, it can be ensured that it is a product with a certain balance between both sexes. 

The low market share represented by the public under 25 years of age is especially striking. Only 6% of wine tourists are considered young (18 to 25 years old). 

For wineries and tourism destinations, it is a challenge to attract this profile. In this analyzed period, the most senior profiles (between 46 and 55 years old) represent 25.7% of the total. A lower figure than that registered in the previous period (27.2%).

perfil enoturistas

Objective: attract millennials

These figures serve to ensure that, little by little, the world of wine in general and wine tourism in particular still has a place among the younger public. The so-called millennials still show certain reluctance as they seek the best and at the best price. They like to innovate and try new experiences.


The wine creates curiosity

If we continue analyzing the ACEVIN study, we see that most travelers who go for wine tourism in Spain are not great connoisseurs of the industry (46.4%). They are people seeking new experiences, who are interested in the field and consider themselves amateurs.

At Jean Leon we are interested in offering interesting wine tourism experiences that enhance the knowledge of the wines, the territory and its gastronomy. If you want to know all our activities do not hesitate to contact us or check out our wine tourism section in our webpage.

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