What’s the profile of a Spanish wine consumer?

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Male, over 35, and with an average income level. This is the standard wine consumer profile in Spain, according to a study from EAE School of Business that analyzes wine consumer types at international, national, and regional level. Beyond the headline and purely sociodemographic and socioeconomic profiles, there are lots of interesting aspects related to the different types of wine consumers and their preferences.

When looking at consumption based on gender, men still edge out women, representing 57% of the total vs. 43% for women, although the female share has been clearly on the rise in recent years. Something else that should be noted is that wine consumption increases with age. Wine’s penetration among young people aged 18 to 34 stands at 26%, while this figure rises to 36% for consumers in the 35-54 age group and is above 38% among consumers over 54 years old.

Six different consumer profiles

The EAE School of Business study defines different types of consumers: traditional, curious urbanite, trendy, routine, occasionally interested, and social.

  • The traditional consumer has a close and familiar relationship with the wine industry and represents 6.9% of all consumers. This type of consumer is conservative and has little interest in exploring new wines and new trends in the sector.
  • The restless urbanite consumer, however, is characterized by being open to new experiences and represents 7.6% of the total. Wine is a topic of conversation with friends and has a high social component.
  • The largest consumer type is the so-called trendy consumer, representing 26.4% of the total. This profile is defined as someone who likes to experiment with the latest trends, which in turn helps them develop their wine knowledge. Wine is their preferred everyday drink, but they also drink beer during their free time.
  • The routine consumer, on the other hand, doesn’t have too much knowledge, usually drinks at home on the weekend, and isn’t very interested in the world of wine. This profile represents 21.6% of wine consumers.
  • The occasionally interested consumer represents 24.5% of the total. Wine isn’t their preferred drink, but they are interested in the industry thanks to the strong social component associated with fun and free time.
  • Finally, the social consumer, representing 13% of the total, is a sporadic consumer who takes advantage of time dedicated to celebrations or socializing. They generally don’t show any interest in learning new things about wine.

Red wine is the favorite

60% of the Spanish population considers themselves wine consumers. Of this wine-consuming population, 80% are regular consumers and 20% are sporadic consumers. The preferences of consumers in terms of wine type show that the vast majority opt for red wine. Wine consumption can be broken down into 72.9% red wine, 12.9% white wine, 6.4% rosé, 6% sparkling wines, and, lastly, 1.8% sherry and dessert wines.

Something else to note is the trend regarding place of consumption. Consumers prefer to enjoy wine at home, particularly due to the significant difference in price when wine is consumed outside the home.

So, what kind of consumer are you?


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