Everything you need to know about our 3055 Petit Verdot – Merlot



We already have here the 2020 vintage of our youngest black, 3055 Petit Verdot - Merlot, and it comes with news!

In the newly released 2020 vintage of red from the 3055 range (3055 Petit Verdot - Merlot), we have increased the percentage of the Petit Verdot grape variety, in line with our commitment and awareness of climate change.

Why did we do that?

After the launch of the experimental wine PV-20 at the end of 2021, made entirely with this variety, we have reformulated our younger red 3055 to make this strain the main blend. Thus, the 2020 vintage that is now on the market is made up mostly of small greens, with a small percentage of merlot.

3055 Petit Verdot - Merlot

A strain of the best chateaux in France

Planted in our vineyards in 2006 with vines of French origin, the small verdant ripens slowly and has adapted especially well to warm and dry climates such as the Penedès, where it shows great oenological potential.

Originally from the Bordeaux area of ​​France, this variety is so named for its small, compact grapes and dark-colored grapes with greenish hues, due to their late ripening. The Merlot variety that complements the blend also comes from owned vineyards, planted in 1997.

3055 Petit Verdot - Merlot: A wine that falls in love

The majority presence of the petit verdot variety gives the wine violet notes, a spicy and fresh character. It stands out on the nose for its great intensity, where the aromas of black cherry predominate, with notes of toasted hazelnut, clove, black pepper and Mediterranean herbs, while in the mouth it shows voluptuousness and a pleasant acidity, with a long finish and persistent.

3055 Petit Verdot - Merlot

Jean Leon 3055 Petit Verdot – Merlot 2020 has won a gold medal at the Mundus Vini international competition

Jean Leon 3055 Petit Verdot-Merlot 2020, belonging to the Penedès Designation of Origin, arrives on the market backed by the prestigious Mundus Vini international competition, which has awarded it a gold medal in the spring tasting.

This German competition, considered one of the most important in the wine sector worldwide, has awarded twenty Catalan wines among the more than 11,000 references presented.

Few wines have a history like this

This wine is the youthful representation of the most complex reds in the winery and one of the three members of the 3055 collection, which also has white 3055 Chardonnay and rosé 3055 Pinot Noir.

The number 3055 that gives these wines their name refers to the taxi driver's license that Jean Leon had in New York before he became a successful restaurateur in Hollywood and made his first dream come true. The second was to make a wine with his name, which materialized in the sixties with the founding of our current winery in the heart of the Penedès.

You can get the Jean Leon 3055 Petit Verdot - Merlot wine here. Live a unique experience in your glass.

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