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We know that November is the month we spend on the couch with a blanket. The cold starts, with its rainy afternoons and the early sunset. The perfect plan for these "do nothing" afternoons is to access one of the many streaming platforms and discover a wide range of movies, series and documentaries where wine is the protagonist

6 recommendations with wine as the main character 

This is not the first time we share with you our cinematographic discoveries. In our previous article "Movies and wine: a lasting relationship" we presented a small selection of films and series where wine also plays an important role. Jean Leon lived in the USA during the Hollywood Golden Age, and thanks to his restaurant La Scala, he met many cinema stars. As for us, wine and cinema go hand in hand.

A good year 

Our first recommendation is "A Good Year", you will find it on Disney +. A film that was released in 2006, which tells the life of Max Skinner (Russell Crowne) a successful London stockbroker who receives a generous inheritance from his uncle Henry (Albert Finnery), a French vineyard. When he decides to go and discover his uncle's legacy, he finds an old chateau to restore. His only goal is to sell the vineyard as soon as possible, but during his stay, he meets the owner of a restaurant, with whom he falls in love and discovers that he is not the only family member left alive.

Wine country 

Wine country released in 2019, is an American comedy where six women question their friendships and their future on a trip to Napa Valley, California, to celebrate their 50th birthday. You will be able to enjoy this funny story through Netflix.


Uncorked is a documentary series from Prime Video, in which you will discover the story of six men preparing for the Master Sommelier exam. It has a season of six episodes recorded in 2015.

Red Wine Night 

Another Netflix selection is "Red Wine Night," a classic 1967 drama in which a boy and a girl, both depressed by sentimental problems, spend a night of drinks and conversations wandering the city of Barcelona from one bar to another.

The Sommelier 

The movie "The Sommelier" is a full-fledged tribute from Netflix towards the wine world. The film is about the story of Elijah, a young man who helps out at the family restaurant, the best-known steakhouse in Memphis. In addition, he works in a small wine store, a passion he had since he was young. That's why he decides to become a sommelier. His father (Courtney B. Vance) doesn't seem to like Elijah's aspirations, as he expects him to end up taking over the family business.

Under the vines 

Under the vines is a Prime Video series, which explores human relationships and launches a critique of modern societies through comedy. Daisy Munroe, one of the protagonists of the series, is a socialite who leads a life financed by her stepfather Stanley. When he dies, Daisy becomes the universal heir and discovers that she only has a vineyard in New Zealand.

Still there? Open one of the platforms: Netflix, Prime Video, HBO... select the search engine and enjoy this selection with a glass of Jean Leon wine. 

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