Movies and wine: a lasting relationship

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A few months ago, we put together a list of TV shows that revolved around wine. Classic shows and modern shows set in or around the world of wine. Iconic regions like Napa Valley, real stories about the world's best sommeliers, or the infamous life of Rudy Kurniawan, one of the wine world's best-known imposters. Well, we'd like to do something similar today, except this time we'll shift our attention to the big screen. As you know, we have a special connection to the seventh art, which is why we want to recommend 5 movies (some newer than others) where wine plays a pivotal role.

One of the first that comes to mind is Sideways. The film came out in 2004 and tells the entertaining story of two friends going through a deep midlife crisis who decide to take a road trip through the vineyards of one of the most celebrated wine regions: Napa Valley in California. A veiled “documentary” that takes us to some of the most breathtaking spots in an area that every serious wine lover should visit at least once in their life.

A Good Year was released two years later and starred Russell Crowe, Marion Cotillard, and the Provence.  The Ridley Scott-directed film tells the love story between Russell Crowe, who travels to Provence after inheriting a beautiful château, and Marion Cotillard, a renowned restaurant owner in one of Europe's oldest winegrowing regions.

Corked, with Ross Clenenden and Paul Hawley, also came out in 2006. A comedy disguised as a documentary about four California winemakers who go to extreme lengths in their attempts to woo a celebrity wine critic who is coming to the area.

In 2008, Bottle Shock hit theaters, a film that called into question the hegemony of French wine as the best in the world. This is the true story of a blind tasting in the 1970s where a California wine beat its French counterparts. It is interesting, because it provides insight into the characteristics of two wines that hold the honor of being the best in the world.  First or second? Here opinions vary—to each their own!

Let's jump ten years ahead to 2018 and a film which was recently nominated for the Goya Awards (the Spanish Oscars). Todos lo saben (Everybody Knows) is directed by the Iranian filmmaker Asghar Farhadi and stars Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem. The entire story revolves around wine, because the film is set in a village in the Cariñena appellation of origin. It is a psychological thriller with wine playing a supporting role. If we had to sum up the plot, it is the story of old family feuds, conflicting interests in land management, and love affairs.

That's it for our recommendations! Which one will you watch first, or have you seen them all already? That's hard to believe! J

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