Pink is in style! Rosé is the color!



By Sergi Castro, sommelier of Jean Leon

The color pink is in fashion, especially thanks to one of the cinematic phenomena of the summer, Greta Gerwig's film that has put the famous Mattel doll as the protagonist.

And as everyone is taking advantage of the pull, the world of wine could not be left behind. Lots of rosé wines or even limited series of highly prized French wines have joined the Barbie phenomenon.

But if anyone can "claim" legitimacy when it comes to linking the iconic doll with wine, it is us at Jean Leon.

The historical fact

The famous doll was created by Ruth Mosko in 1959, the same year that Jean Leon opened the doors of his legendary La Scala restaurant in Beverly Hills.

Both Ruth and Jean are considered visionaries, entrepreneurs and dreamers who created something that has transcended them. We agree, don't we?

The myth that unites them

The relationship between Jean Leon and Marilyn Monroe is a fact more than proven. Not only as a customer of the restaurant, but as a friend and confidant, considering both as soul mates and brothers.

When the famous Barbie doll was born, physically it had much of the beauty standards of those years, embodied by the actress, but at the same time, of the most sought after and quoted special series of the doll itself we find the one that reproduces the iconic pink dress worn by the actress in the movie "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes".

If you want to be trendy this summer

Do not hesitate to join the movement that reigns this summer: the rosé[1] , with our Jean Leon 3055 Rosé. One of the pioneer pale rosés in our country, based on the pinot noir variety, which will fill with pink and glamour your evening drink on the terrace, your dinner with oriental touches or your paella with the family.

Join this summer Rosé!

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