Essence and territory: 5 characteristics of Jean Leon Xarel-lo



The Penedès wine region is a land of wines and sparkling wines with more than 2,700 years of history. The influence of the sun and the Mediterranean Sea make the region a privileged land for the cultivation of vines. Xarel-lo is the autochthonous variety par excellence and the most cultivated, it expresses perfectly its climate and terroir, the one that transmits all the essence of the territory.

At Jean Leon, in 2020 we produced the first vintage of Jean Leon Xarel-lo, a fresh and elegant wine made 100% with the variety par excellence of the Penedès.  

But what makes this wine so special? In this article, we will explore the 5 most outstanding characteristics of Jean Leon Xarel-lo.

5 characteristics of Jean Leon Xarel-lo wine

1. Native varieties

Our commitment to the territory and the local varieties is reflected in this wine, which is the first reference of the Nativa range, a line that pays tribute to the local Catalan varieties.

Xarel-lo is the first variety chosen. It is the autochthonous grape variety par excellence of the Penedès Denomination of Origin, the most widely cultivated and which enjoys an excellent adaptation to the terroirs and climates of the area. 

It is a rustic plant, with early budding and regular growth. Resistant to drought and heat, it has a very balanced production giving rise to aromatic wines with good acidity year after year.

2. Organic and vegan wine

Jean Leon Xarel-lo follows the sustainable philosophy of the winery's other wines. It is certified as an organic wine, which means that it has been produced using sustainable agricultural practices and without pesticides or chemicals harmful to the environment.

In addition, it also has the V-Label seal of the Spanish Vegetarian Union, which guarantees that it has been made with products of vegetable origin and without using ingredients of animal origin. This makes it a vegan option that respects animal rights.

3. Linkage to the territory

The Jean Leon Nativa range, made with native Catalan varieties, is a tribute to the place chosen by Jean Leon to fulfill his dream of making a wine that would bear his name.

This range arises from the desire to incorporate a line in Jean Leon that enhances one of our most important pillars: the territory.

We want to highlight the Penedès, our region, the uniqueness and potential of the place where Jean Leon spent his childhood and decided to create his winery to delight his best customers.

4. Label

The tile that illustrates this first reference of the Native Range is a set of 4 individually decorated fragments with an 8-pointed star as the central element, known as "The Rose of the Winds", represented in blue and yellow and surrounded by vegetal motifs.

The "Rose of the winds" is a diagram that has a meaning closely linked to the observation of climatology and winds, through its points that symbolize the 8 main directions.

This tile has its origin between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries, coinciding with the time of expansion of the vineyard and the push of the wine trade in the Penedès.

5. Awards

Last, but not least, are the awards obtained by the wine, which are a recognition of the work and effort of a whole team to achieve excellence in the wines. 

The latest recognition obtained by Jean Leon Xarel-lo is the Gold Medal at the Challenge International du Vin. An international recognition that allows us to make our wines and our winery known all over the world.

Now that you have all the information about our Jean Leon Xarel-lo, you only need to open a bottle and enjoy it at your leisure. Don't miss the chance to taste it!

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