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Barcelona is synonymous with art worldwide. Talent and creativity flow through its streets and façades and it gets dressed up in every style. Young artists emerge from among its residents, breaking through and inviting us to get to know their perspective on the world through video games, illustrations, apps, or brushstrokes.


Conrad Roset – Video game design

We already mentioned Conrad Roset in the post “Four Artists to Watch in 2017” but this year, we’re moving him into a new category. After having positioned himself as a benchmark illustrator in recent years, today we shine the spotlight on him as the co-founder and creative director of Nomada Studio, a Barcelona-based studio where he combines his passion (illustration) with his main hobby (video games). After throwing himself into a new discipline, within a short time, this artist developed, together with his two partners, what would turn into the best video game of the year, and also the most prize-winning at the recent Gamelab 2019 National Video Game Awards: GRIS.

In keeping with the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words,” GRIS eschews verbal language and focuses on reflecting an artistic vision in a world filled with color, accompanied by a special soundtrack by producer Berlinist, a producer from Barcelona.

You can find out more about what Conrad does on his Portfolio as well as his Instagram, where he inspires nearly 300,000 followers.

Lara Costafreda - Illustration

Lara Costafreda is a Barcelonan illustrator who works on projects for big brands at international level such as Chanel, Hermès, Cartier, Carolina Herrera, and Vogue. She also does talks and teaches classes at several universities in Barcelona. Her illustrations take us to a wild plant universe bathed in Mediterranean colors and moving to the sound of a Latin beat. Through her Instagram account, she inspires over 32,000 people with her designs. This artist’s profile has been raised by reputable publications such as Vogue, La Vanguardia, Harper’s Bazaar, and Time Out

Using the art of illustration and design as a tool for social change, Lara is the promoter and co-founder of the non-profit entity Casa Nostra, Casa Vostra, dedicated to receiving refugees.

Roger Pujol – Interactive design

Roger Pujol was born and raised in Barcelona. He is passionate about the intersection between technology and design and based his training around this passion. After graduating and completing his postgraduate studies, he founded Multitouch Barcelona, a studio specializing in interactive design, to explore natural communication between people and technology. His projects made a mark at design festivals such as OFFF, Art Futura, One Dot Zero, and TEDGlobal, as well as exhibitions at museums around the world. His path has led him to work as technical director atB-reel, an agency with a huge international presence focused on shaping the strategies of creative brands.

Carlos Herraiz – Pictorial art

Carlos Herraiz comes from a family of artists. The son and grandson of painters, he was born in Barcelona in 1995, and maybe it was his lineage that was responsible for him learning to hold a brush almost before learning to walk. His continuous training is notable: He developed his passion and talent as a painter at universities of note in Scotland, where he started his current project Ausencias”. He then returned to his city of birth to specialize in drawing and painting at the Barcelona Academy of Art. Last year, he received a scholarship from the Leith School of Art and went back to Edinburgh to study during his one-year art residency. Works by this young painter have been displayed at galleries in Barcelona, Edinburgh, and Glasgow. He is currently doing an artist residency in Greece, where he is experimenting with analog photography to use it as a base in his works.

These are some of the names of the present and future who we at Jean Leon want to wish all the luck in the world and a professional career marked by success.

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