Four Artists to Watch in 2017

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They're young. They're talented. They represent the present and the future. Drawing is their passion, specifically illustration. Something we all do as children. Some of us do it well. Others, even better. And given time, a few can make it their career, their way of life. Among those few are four young artists who are generating a lot of buzz in the illustration scene: Conrad Roset, Paula Bonet, Ricardo Cavolo and Carla Fuentes. We’d like you to meet them.


Conrad Roset

He's 30 years old and creates eye-catching illustrations that are immediately recognizable. A personal style inspired by and featuring women. Roset has his very own particular cast of muses. Thanks to the online popularity of his illustrations, he began working for Zara. Here he learned his craft and consistency, he says, as well as studying the styles of leading illustrators. A year later, he embarked on a freelance career and now works for different brands, ad agencies and publishing houses.

He has shown his work in galleries and museums like MOCA in Virginia, SopkeArt in San Francisco, London Milles in London, Tipos Infames in Madrid, Artevistas and Miscelanea in Barcelona. His stock is on the rise. Take note of his name.


Paula Bonet

The style of this 36-year-old Valencian is reminiscent of Conrad Roset (or vice versa). She is one of Spain's most renowned contemporary illustrators. One look at her Instagram and you get an idea of how successful her illustrations are. She has 212,000 followers. Not too shabby. Her work has shown in Barcelona, Madrid, Porto, Paris, London, Belgium, Urbino, Berlin, Santiago de Chile, Valencia, Miami and Mexico.

Her richly poetic work draws on the performing arts, music and literature and has culminated in the publication of several books, which she wrote and illustrated.


Ricardo Cavolo

Cavolo is another rising star in the Spanish art scene. The illustrations by this 34-year-old Salamancan are striking. His drawings embrace a naive style, which grew out of his first professional assignments. He got his start illustrating children's books in bright, intense colors with a plethora of figures and compositional elements. Seeing the visual impact of these bold, immediate illustrations, he decided to keep the style as a way of communicating his messages in a more powerful manner.

He is one of the most internationally known Spanish illustrators. His work has shown at several galleries in Madrid, London, Montreal, Porto and Milan.


Carla Fuentes

This Valencian illustrator belongs to the same generation as the other three artists: the 1980s. Her original style has made her a point of reference in the illustration world. Her alter-ego is Littleisdrawing. A friend gave her the nickname “Little,” and it stuck. Not that she minds—quite the contrary, in fact. She likes it. It defines her drawings. She is detail-oriented and meticulous, yet her drawing style is spontaneous and immediate.

In short, four artists worth knowing who will see a lot of excitement in 2017. This is their moment, and the future even more so.

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