CF-15: A Bold Move. A Clear Instinct



At Jean Leon, we never stop innovating, experimenting, taking risks, going one step further. That’s what Jean Leon's personality was like in a way: A non-conformist who loved taking on new projects and improving every day, if possible.

In our efforts to offer wine lovers exclusive, unique, limited production wines, CF-15 will be available on the market starting in early December. This is a new wine that is an addition to the Experimental Wine range we launched last year with X-15, an homage to Xarel·lo as an indigenous variety from the Penedès. CF-15, the second wine in the range, is a red Cabernet Franc made from old vines planted in 1974 that use the Guyot pruning system and grow 260 meters above sea level. The grapes were harvested at the end of September 2015. This single-variety wine was aged for 12 months in French oak barrels, and then aged in the bottle to provide a well-rounded final bouquet.

This is a limited production wine, with 2,018 bottles carefully labeled and sealed by hand. CF-15 is an homage to the avant-garde spirit of Jean Leon and his deep admiration for and knowledge of French varieties.


As for the tasting notes, the nose conveys the essence of candied red fruits, while the wine is elegant on the palate, yet powerful in the attack, with soft, sweet tannins. The aftertaste is long and persistent. Want to find out more about CF-15? Take a look at the infographic we've created, from journalist and graphic designer Jordi Català.


Cabernet Franc, a widespread variety

To get to know the new wine even better, it's worth learning a little more about the origin of the grape variety. In an earlier post, we already gave you a bit of information about the varieties we use to make our wines, while today we’re going to have a closer look at this French variety.


Cabernet Franc comes from the Médoc region in France, and is currently one of most widely-cultivated varieties in the world. The first written documents recording its cultivation date back to the 18th century, although the variety was already known in the Loire Valley before that time, and that valley is still one of the largest growing areas for this variety today. Cabernet Franc is also responsible for the famous Cabernet Sauvignon variety, which is a result of crossing Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc.

It is a variety that buds and ripens early, and is very well suited to inland regions with harsh climates, where it yields higher quality produce. The bunches are small to medium sized and not very compact; the berries are spherical, small in size, and very dark blue in color.


The aromas of red Cabernet Franc wines have vegetable characteristics and notes of red fruits. The wines are not very intense in color, with medium acidity, medium body, and a delicate, elegant bouquet. They have lots of potential for aging, where their reductive aromas (animal, leather, spices) will become stronger.

The new CF-15 is a bold move. A clear instinct. The result of the passion we feel for wine, for what we do, and our desire to offer quality wines that will delight the tastebuds of our consumers.


We hope you enjoy it!

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