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Jean Leon


With wine as the protagonist and innovation as our guide, in 2023 we renewed the image of our four estate wines with an elegant design that captures the unique essence of the winery. Now, we welcome 2024 with great news: the launch of our new website. 

With the renewal of our digital platform, at Jean Leon we continue to improve without losing sight of our legacy of excellence and passion for wine. In this article, we will show you the highlights of this novelty full of stories and surprises at every click. Are you ready?

1. More differentiated classification of wine ranges

With the new website, the experience of exploring our wines becomes even more enriching thanks to the classification of our four distinctive ranges: Qualified Estate Wines, 3055 Range, Native Range and Experimental Wines. 

Each of these ranges is presented individually and in detail, allowing wine lovers to delve into each of them. 

Qualified Estate Wines

vinos de finca calificada

This exclusive group of wines from carefully selected vineyards grown on the estate stand out for their exceptional quality and authentic expression of terroir. The new platform allows you to explore each of these estate wines, discovering their history, characteristics and the winemaking process that makes them true enological gems.

3055 range

gamma 3055

The 3055 range pays tribute to our founder, a man full of big dreams and determination. These wines reflect the innovation and pioneering spirit that characterize Jean Leon, offering a unique experience with every sip. Through our new page, you can learn more about the history of the 3055 range, exploring each of its wines and the latest news related to them.

Native range

Gamma nativa

Made with indigenous grape varieties and artisanal winemaking techniques, these wines represent the essence, authenticity and tradition of the land where the winery is located. On the new website, you can discover the secrets behind each bottle and appreciate the details of the connection between the wines and their place of origin.

Experimental Wines


For the most adventurous and curious palates, the Experimental range is a limited production range that seeks to explore new oenological territories. These wines defy convention, incorporating innovative techniques and unusual combinations of grape varieties. From now on, you will be able to keep up with the latest trends and learn about new developments related to surprising flavors and aromas.

2. User experience

In the digital era, user experience is fundamental, so we have designed the new platform with this principle in mind. Now, navigating the world of wine becomes much more intuitive and dynamic, providing a fluid and engaging experience with every click.

Intuitive interface

As you will notice, we present an intuitive interface that guides you smoothly through the different sections and contents. With an elegant and modern design, navigation becomes much more agile, allowing you to easily find the information you are looking for.

Interactive information

Whether you are looking for information about a specific wine or simply browsing the catalog, you can enjoy an interactive browsing experience. Through the use of eye-catching images, videos and detailed descriptions, the site invites you to immerse yourself in the world of Jean Leon and discover all that the winery has to offer.

Clear and organized structure

Accessing key information about Jean Leon wines has never been easier. From details about the winemaking process and sensory characteristics of each wine to information about events and promotions, you can find everything you need in just a few clicks, thanks to a clear and organized navigation structure.

3. Stories and content

equipo Jean Leon

With this new website, you will be able to discover in more detail the history of the winery and its founder, meet the team behind each bottle and understand the meticulous processes that give life to each Jean Leon wine. With all this, the platform becomes a window into the interior of our winery, where proximity and transparency are fundamental.

A unique history

From Jean Leon's humble beginnings to the present day, you can experience a journey through the winery's history, exploring the key moments that have marked the path of Jean Leon since its inception.

A passionate team

Behind every bottle of Jean Leon is a committed team, and now you have the opportunity to meet them up close. Now you can connect with the people who make every drop of wine possible.

Transparent processes

If you want to know in detail the processes behind the making of each wine, it is now possible. From growing the grapes in the vineyards to vinification in the winery, we offer you a complete overview of each stage of the process, so you can appreciate the dedication and care we devote to each bottle.

After these brief outlines of the highlights of the new website, you will surely be eager to explore it for yourself. So don't wait any longer and dive into each section to soak up the essence of Jean Leon.

We look forward to seeing you at Jean Leon.

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