Cal Carter: An Enduring Classic



Cal Carter has been around forever, a restaurant with timeless traditional charm. With over 50 years to its name, the restaurant has earned a well-deserved reputation for seriously good food. And we're not the only ones who think so. The reviews on TripAdvisor speak for themselves. The food is the reason the restaurant has endured over time: traditional Catalan recipes, some with a modern twist, others unchanged. Most importantly, every dish is lovingly prepared with a familial touch. The family in question: the Perich Batallés and Perich Calvets.

Cal Carter opened in 1964 in Mura, a small and particularly charming village in the Bages region. It is one of the loveliest corners of Catalonia to get lost in. Bordered by the Vallés Occidental, Bages and Moianès, it is one of the gateways to the Sant Llorenç del Munt i l'Obac Nature Park. An idyllic spot to spend your holidays, a weekend or simply a Sunday.


Ever since it opened, Cal Carter has been the village's gastronomic landmark. Fast forward 50 years and it still is. The restaurant has kept abreast of changes in the culinary world, skillfully adapting to the times. How? Through hard work, dedication, passion, a love for cooking and the clientele. This is what the family lives for: giving their customers a great dining experience, the chance to enjoy tasty pig's feet, excellent oxtail, great Ral d'Avinyó pork or Mura-style chickpeas with aioli and salt cod. Cal Carter's star dish.

Two men with the same first and last name head the kitchen. Jordi Perich Singla brings the experience and Jordi Perich Batallé, the innovation. Perich Batallé basically grew up in the restaurant and, like his sisters (Berta and Mireia), he worked just about every job until he decided to go to cooking school. He enrolled at the Hoffman School, worked as part of Nandu Jubany's team for a while, and then joined his uncle in Cal Carter's kitchen. They are a charismatic duo, continually searching for ways to innovate and improve their menu.


This has led them to incorporate a wide variety of rice dishes, which they adapt according to the products in season. For example, risotto with Palamós shrimp or espardenyes (sea cucumber) or even razor clams is a definite menu highlight! Just because they're in a mountain village doesn't mean they don't have great fish. Quite the contrary. They’re equally adept at working with meat or fish.

The same is true for wine. Last year, for example, they were finalists in Cartavi, a competition of the best wine lists. Here credit goes to Mireia Perich. She's the wine expert at Cal Carter. And she proves it every day with her wine pairing recommendations. The Penedès section of their list features two of our wines: the red and white in our 3055 range. Excellent choice! ;)



Cal Carter is well worth a visit. The village and surroundings are lovely, and everyone at the restaurant will make you feel right at home. We recommend it, and if you feel like checking it out, make sure to book in advance. Getting a table isn't easy! ;)

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