Adventures among vineyards: 5 ways to discover the Penedès after visiting us

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If you love wine and experiences, the Penedès is the perfect destination for you. From the winery, we want you to enjoy your stay in the region to the fullest. That is why, coming to discover the secrets of Jean Leon will be even more exciting if you combine it with some of the activities that we propose below.

1. Bed & Breakfast - Wine and Cooking 

The first activity we suggest is a cooking class guided by B&B Wine and Cooking. It is a workshop, located in Pla del Penedès, a few meters from our winery, where you can learn how to cook and enjoy authentic Spanish-Catalan homemade food with the best organic products and the best wines and cavas of the region.

2. Water Interpretation Center 

The Water Interpretation Center of Torrelavit is a cultural and tourist center in the Penedès that wants to show the role of the river and water in the past, present and future of the territory. 

After a visit to our winery and learn about the estate, the history, the agriculture of our vineyards, and do a tasting led by our sommeliers, the next stop can be the water interpretation center of Torrelavit, where they will show you the close relationship between the river Riudebitlles with its tributaries, and the history and landscape of Torrelavit. In this space you can discover the importance that the river has had in the life of the people and the use it has made of water in the domestic sphere, thanks to the fountains and washing places; in irrigation, through wells, dams and canals, and in the industrial field, with the construction of twelve paper mills that from the s. XVII to the s. XX Torrelavit made an important industrial center paper.

3. The experience of painting with wine 

Discover the fusion of wine and art in an exciting wine painting workshop in the heart of the Penedès. This is a unique creative experience as you use wine as your color palette, allowing its rich and deep hues to come to life in your artwork. 

Let your senses delight in the flavors and aromas of wine as you awaken your artistic side in this inspiring environment. Explore the connection between wine and creativity, and be amazed by the unique results that this magical fusion can bring.

4. Espai Xocolata Simón Coll

The Espai Xocolata Simón Coll is a visitor center of the chocolate factory Simón Coll. It is located in Sant Sadurní d'Anoia and you can enjoy a unique and different sensory experience that will test your senses.

Simón Coll has been making chocolate since 1840, working from the cocoa bean to the final product, pampering every stage of the process. In the Espai Xocolata you can immerse yourself in an experiential experience that will introduce you to the culture, history and process of making chocolate.

5. Vinseum - Museum of the Wine Cultures of Catalonia

Finally, visit Vinseum. The Museum of Wine Cultures of Catalonia is a fascinating place that invites you to immerse yourself in the rich history and diversity of the region's wine culture.

Through interactive exhibits, historical collections and educational activities, the Vinseum offers an immersive experience that showcases the close relationship between wine and Catalan society over the centuries. From viticulture and enology to the culture and traditions associated with wine, this museum invites us to explore the deepest and most fascinating aspects of this millenary beverage.

The Penedès offers a variety of exciting experiences for wine and adventure lovers. Whether you prefer to relax with a glass of wine in an idyllic setting or participate in adrenaline-filled activities, the Penedès offers an unforgettable experience for all visitors. 

Come visit us and prepare a perfect plan with a combination of any of these experiences!

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