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April 23rd is celebrated the Book’s day and Sant Jordi in Catalonia. On that day, books and roses fill the streets, as these symbolic gifts are exchanged as a celebration of love and friendship. For reading lovers, Sant Jordi is a great opportunity to discover new stories and explore different genres to enjoy with a glass of wine in hand. 

Being such a special day in which books are the protagonists, a question inevitably arises: what are the literary gems that we cannot miss? In this article, we will share with you five recommendations of books that you cannot miss and that are perfect to add to your wish list or to give as a gift to those you love the most.

1. For lovers of historical novels: The Maid's Daughters

There are family secrets that deserve to be told.

This is the story of one of them.

If you want to go back in time and discover the story of a family full of secrets, “The Maid's Daughters” is your book. The winning novel of the planet 2023 prize takes us to a remote pazo in Galicia in the 20th century, a time when family secrets and power struggles marked the destiny of those who lived in the ancestral pazo of Espiritu Santo.

With the birth of Clara and Catalina, it seems that the history of the Valdés family is destined to change, but an unexpected revenge shakes their world. A series of events will test the fortitude of Doña Inés, the matriarch, who will fight to guarantee her daughter's legacy as heir to an entire empire.

In a time when women could not be masters of their lives, “The Maid's Daughters” is about men and women who rebel against their own destiny in search of the truth.

2. For the bravest: The silent patient

Only she knows what happened. Only I can make her talk.

For those looking for a psychological thriller they can't put down, "The Silent Patient" is the right choice. With a plot full of unexpected twists and mystery, Alex Michaelides presents us with the enigma of Alicia Berenson, a successful painter whose life will completely fall apart after shooting her husband.

Theo Faber, an ambitious forensic psychotherapist, becomes obsessed with the case and begins a search for the truth. Full of dark secrets, betrayals and revelations, "The Silent Patient" won't let you stop reading until you discover what Alicia has been keeping quiet for so many years.

3. For the dreamers: The Fourth Wing

Fly... or die

If you love to delve into fantasy worlds, "The Fourth Wing" is your ideal book. This book transports us to Navarre, a place where dragons fly the skies and magic is mixed with politics.

In this story, we follow the steps of Violet Sorrengail, a young woman who, although she intended to join the Scribes' Quadrant, is forced to compete for a position in the prestigious Dragon Riders' Quadrant, the elite of Navarre. However, to do so, she must face dangerous and deadly challenges and use strength and wit in equal measure.

Prepare to fly with Violet on the back of a dragon as she uncovers dark secrets that could forever change the history of Navarre.

4. For those who love psychology: Recupera tu mente, reconquista tu vida

How to rescue lost attention in a distracted, hyper-connected world.

“Recupera tu mente, reconquista tu vida” is the latest book by Dr. Marian Rojas Estapé, which focuses on exploring how we can maintain attention in an increasingly distracted and hyperconnected world.

In the age of instant gratification, we live with thousands of constant distractions that lead us to immediate rewards but, in turn, worsen our ability to focus on what is important in a deep and lasting way.

The author introduces us to dopamine, the pleasure hormone, to explain how it affects the search for instant rewards and what consequences it has on the perception of boredom, pain and emotional discomfort.

“Recupera tu mente, reconquista tu vida”is a guide to manage emotions in a world that saturates us with constant stimuli to find emotional balance.

5. For the deepest: Until August

"He returned to the island on Friday, August 16 on the three o'clock ferry."

“Until August” is one of those books that change your life, like everything Gabriel García Márquez writes. If you don't believe us, read it and tell us about it.

This book revolves around Ana Magdalena Bach, who every August visits the island where her mother is buried to visit her grave, and she does it by ferry. Each visit is a very special moment for Ana, as it allows her to experience a great personal transformation one night a year.

This is a deep book, celebrating life and the ability to find joy despite the passage of time.

And that concludes our literary recommendations for Sant Jordi. We hope we have given you some ideas for gifts on April 23rd or that your literary wish list has grown. We would love to hear what books you are going to buy for Sant Jordi, we read you on social networks.

Good reading!

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