3 works of art made with wine

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Wine and art have been intrinsically linked since time immemorial. There are various songs, poems and works of art dedicated to wine and many artists have used the drink for inspiration. But can wine itself be used as a medium to produce a work of art? Of course!

There is an artistic movement known as Wine Art, where, instead of acrylics and watercolors, artists use wine to express their creativity onto a canvas. The pieces produced using this method are short-lived as the oxidation of the wine causes the painted shapes and silhouettes to fade over time.

However, the temporary nature of this art makes the practice rather magical and unique. Would you like to discover some of the artists from this movement?

Sanja Jankovic reinvents the classics

Sanja Jankovic is one of the most well-known artists in the world of Wine Art. Her online portfolio contains 13 magnificent pieces. Some of them are versions of famous works of art made using the “wine method”, such as Judith and Holofernes by Klimt and the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci.


José del Olmo and wine tourism

José del Olmo is more focused on wine tourism and wine landscapes. His pieces painted with wine are usually costumbrista scenes depicting the wine harvest and rural life.

Amelia Fais Harnas: wine and painting

Amelia Fais Harnas is an American artist and one of the early pioneers of Wine Art. Amelia is able to capture facial expressions with exquisite precision and her work is usually focused on the human form.


Wine and art are two elements that go together perfectly.  Not only can a good wine conquer your palate, but it is also capable of stimulating all your other senses as well.

In the case of Jean Leon, this relationship is even more special. Our winery has always has a strong connection to art. For example, each of the labels on one of our most iconic wines, Vinya La Scala, has a new design produced by a different artist.

Our wineries have also hosted numerous exhibitions, which have allowed us to intimately explore the work of some of the most prestigious artists on the Spanish scene. In 2017, Carla Fuentes produced a wine painting live, depicting the world of Jean Leon onto a canvas using the Wine Art technique.


Oenology has always had a close relationship with culture. Perhaps this is partly because making and enjoying wine is itself an art. At Jean Leon we strive each and every day to ensure our wine always offers a unique and evocative experience.

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