3 recipes from some of our favorite chefs on Instagram, paired with Jean Leon



Since we have to stay
home at the moment, what better activity to do in the house than cooking? These
days, social media have filled with live videos of chefs taking advantage of
their channels to share recipes with their followers, especially dishes that
can be made easily with ingredients we have at home. It’s a great idea, as is
pairing these recipes with a good wine. For us at least, it’s a must. 

Today, we’d like to share three recipes that we’ve seen on Instagram recently, one of the most popular social media among chefs. Whether they’re doing short recipes under a minute using several 15-second stories, or longer videos over 5 minutes on their Instagram TV channels, it’s the place to be for culinary action.


Someone who’s generating lots of interest online is our friend Nandu Jubany. This Catalan chef was one of our first inspiring people who we featured on the blog, and we’re particularly excited to be sharing one of his recipes. There are several on his channel, but we’ve picked out the one for grilled Ibérico pork secreto with cabbage. Pork is one of his favorite meats and it’s evident throughout the entire process. This is a dish that’s easy to prepare, although it involves some “tricks” that Nandu reveals to his audience. If you haven’t seen this video, we recommend it. And we’d also recommend pairing this recipe with our Jean Leon 3055 Merlot-Petit Verdot, an ideal wine for a meat dish such as this one. A youthful interpretation of the winery’s most complex reds, it stands out for its immense freshness and elegance, pronounced notes of red fruit (strawberry, as well as peach and banana) and a long aftertaste.


Another great chef who we’ve also had the pleasure of meeting is David Garcia. This young chef from El Palà de Torroella won the first edition of TV’s Top Chef and has also chosen his home kitchen as the setting for sharing recipes with his followers. Out of those he’s offered, we’ve gone for the braised endives with crispy cod and orange. A recipe that’s easy to prepare and pairs exceptionally well with our Jean Leon 3055 Chardonnay. This fresh, fruity wine is made exclusively with Chardonnay grapes from our estate and is characterized by its intense notes of tropical fruit and its long, lingering finish. Fresh, long, and elegant on the palate, with a long, balanced finish. See what you think!


To finish, we turn to another friend: In this case, we’d like to suggest one of the recipes that Marta Sanahuja offers every day. You’re bound to know her as Delicious Martha, though, thanks to her blog and Instagram account where she’s very active and has over 300,000 followers. This recipe is healthy and really easy to make: shirataki noodles with Parmesan, cilantro, and cashews. A dish that’s easy to prepare and very healthy, and also the perfect partner to our elegant Jean Leon 3055 Rosé. A soft, sensual rosé with a distinctive pale pink color made using Pinot Noir, this wine is characterized by its tremendous freshness and elegance. Distinct notes of strawberry, cherry, and white peach stand out on the nose, as well as hints of citrus flowers.

So, there are three recipes with three of our wines to go
with them. Which one are you going to start with? ;)

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