#Winelover & #Foodie: a Community of Gourmets



Human beings are sociable by nature. We like engaging with others, especially if we have shared interests in common. Some of us might belong to a group of runners or spinning enthusiasts or ski aficionados or racketball players.


But sports aren't the only thing that brings us together. We increasingly seek out others who share our love of food and wine. You know what we're talking about, right? If you've read this far, you probably do.


We live in an era that loves to label. We like defining things that we see as part of our identity with a single word. So much so that by now entire communities have grown up around these tags. For example, #runners, #freeriders or #finishers, which express sports-related identities.


Others, like #winelover or #foodie, refer to our passion for food and good wine. These are the two tags we want to talk about. Make no mistake, a #runner can also be a #winelover. Of course they can, but right now we're going to focus on the gourmets. Come to think of it, that's a pretty good hashtag. Perhaps we'll get back to that later.


At the time this article was written, #winelover had over 600,000 posts on Instagram worldwide. If you think that figure is impressive, wait until you see the #foodie score: over 29 million. Is this just a passing fad? The numbers say otherwise!


Social networks, especially Instagram, have flooded our day-to-day lives with spectacular dishes. They're almost works of art. It's a feast for the eyes with more and more Instagramers recommending interesting recipes, restaurants or bars.


Clearly an excellent opportunity for brands and restaurants to attract customers, as well as giving people with gifted palates and good taste a chance to promote themselves online. What do we mean by “promoting” yourself? Getting “likes,” of course, but also some cash.


The #foodie and #winelover tags usually go hand in hand. Good food is always associated with good wine. This is why it's interesting to search social media and discover the many recommendations our “friends” are sharing with us.


Their tips in picture form are particularly handy when it comes to picking a wine or restaurant.


Social media is exerting an increasingly direct influence on our decisions. For all of you gourmets out there, we highly recommend you keep your eye on gastronomy-related hashtags. We're certain you'll discover things you never even imagined.


So if you're a #foodie or a #winelover, make sure to follow us and enjoy our wines! :)

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