Wine travel getaways: wine, nature, and a whole lot more

Discovering Jean Leon


Wine weekend getaways are the
perfect trip for anyone wanting to escape the city for a few days and get swept
up in nature. Wine tourism is in, the stylish
alternative to sun and sand.

If we can sneak a good wine
tasting into our weekend plans, all the better. 
Wine getaways include tempting options like winery visits, vineyard
walks, and wine tastings.  The good news
is that you don't need to be a wine expert to enjoy these things—just let your
senses be your guide.

Wine travel getaways, however,
aren't only about wine-focused activities. Given the amount and variety of things to do in a
wine region, you'll find yourself eagerly awaiting the next weekend to get
around to the countless activities that are still on your list.

Vineyard walks

Most people who have gone on vineyard walks insist that it is almost therapeutic.  Few things are as pleasant as walking amid the vines on a sunny day, when it is warm but not yet unbearably hot, where we get the chance to discover the very beginnings of the winemaking process. A walk through the Jean Leon vineyards is a wonderful way of experiencing the exceptional beauty of the Penedès wine region. Plus, you can take a guided tour of the winery and taste our single vineyard wines while enjoying a country-style breakfast. A perfect plan.


Vineyard walks...on wheels

Same setting, same winery tour, concluding with the same tasting of single vineyard wines. The only difference is how you get around our vineyards—in this case, almost effortlessly on a bicycle, electric scooter, or Segway. It's up to you! An easy, fun, and, most importantly, sustainable way of exploring the incredible natural landscape of our vineyards.

Vineyards from up above

How about seeing our vineyards from a unique vantage point? From up high, in a hot air balloon. Throughout the year, the changing seasons color the Penedès landscape, so you'll always discover something different, whether you come in fall, spring or summer.


Dramatized tours

The story of Jean Leon is surprising, gripping, and once you hear it, you’ll want to know more. If this is true for you, and you want to explore every corner of our vineyards and discover our wines down to the last detail, there is no better guide than the man himself: Jean Leon. Let him show you the winery’s most exceptional corners.  


Discover your inner artist

Art and wine culture go hand in hand, and in the case of Jean Leon, the connection to culture, and especially art, is undeniable. This is why we decided to foment this particular passion with a workshop that will draw on all of your senses to create your own work of art.


Wine Bar

How about sharing a relaxing moment and a glass of wine with your family and friends in an incomparable setting? Jean Leon's Wine Bar is the place for you. Enjoy a glass of wine on the terrace of our Visitors Center, paired with one of our delectable small bites, and take in the spectacular view. The perfect combination to make the most of the good weather! The Wine Bar is open Monday through Friday from 10:00 to 17:00, and on weekends and public holidays from 10:00 to 14:00.


As you can see, our wine weekend getaways
offer a wide range of options to satisfy every taste and occasion, so that you
can pick the perfect plan to treat yourself or others. What's your top choice?

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