Wine Tourism as an Alternative to Sun and Sand

Wine tourism


The holidays are coming, and pretty soon it will even be time to start thinking about Easter vacation in the spring. OK, OK, maybe that’s going a bit far, but it is true there are times when you can take a break, relax with your family, and be a tourist all year round. But what kind of tourist are you? We’re fans of wine tourism as an alternative to the usual beach vacation. What about you?

Wine tourism is just that: Tourism where wine is the key feature. Wine culture, its architecture, or its landscape are some of the areas that shape the history of a region and its links to the wine industry.

It’s not that we don’t like sun and sand – far from it. The aim of today’s post is to suggest wine tourism as an alternative to the traditional tourism offering. It’s an alternative that isn’t seasonal, since it’s something you can do throughout the year, and, over time, it’s become one of the preferred options for Spanish tourists and foreign tourists who come to discover our country.

In fact, 2017 was a very good year for wine tourism. According to data from the 10th annual report on visits to wineries and wine museums, published in April by the Spanish Association of Wine Cities (ACEVIN), there were 3,213,367 visits last year. That figure represents an increase of 18.23% compared to the previous year, and it’s the third highest since ACEVIN began measuring this data in 2008. This is surely a sign that wine tourism is establishing itself at a good pace among the array of tourism options on offer in Spain.

The Penedès region in top position

If we take a closer look at the visitor figures for the routes associated with the Wine Routes of Spain, the Penedès Cava and Wine Route shares the top spot in the ranking alongside the Jerez Route. This is good news for the sector and for our region, because it confirms that our area is known the world over as a bona fide wine region. Why not pay us a visit? You definitely won’t get bored! Here are some of our suggestions based on what we have on offer. ;)



The full 2017 report (in Spanish) on visits to wineries and wine museums associated with the Wine Routes of Spain can be viewed and downloaded from the website via this link.


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