The art of wine recycling: How to give a second life to wine bottles

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In the field of oenology, the culture of recycling has taken on a new dimension. Beyond appreciating the contents of bottles, there is a growing awareness of the importance of giving them a second life once they are empty. 

This approach to winemaking recycling not only promotes sustainability and care for the environment, but also offers an opportunity for creativity and artistic expression. 

In this article, we will introduce you to practical ideas for reusing wine bottles, turning them into decorative and functional elements.

1. Glass tumblers for summer dinners

Vasos de cristal

Lately, in the magazines of Interior Design and decoration we see how it has become fashionable to use wine bottle butts as glasses for summer evenings. And it is that it is a simple and fun method of recycling wine bottles.

2. Olive jars

Botes para las aceitunas

How tasty are olives! You can create mini bowls to prepare the appetizer and place olives or any of your favorite snacks.

3. Bird feeder

Comedero pájaros

As good nature lovers, we leave an easy and creative idea to feed the birds that live around us.

4. Container for chopsticks


Wine bottles offer endless possibilities to be reused. The proposal we make now is to take advantage of the neck of the bottle to make a nice container to store wooden chopsticks.

5. Lighting

Iluminación Jean Leon

How many times have you set up a garden party and a guest got lost along the way. Placing lamps or torches made from wine bottles is the best option for a magical summer night. 

Recycling invites us to transform wine bottles into unique and sustainable objects, giving them a second life full of creativity and environmental awareness.

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