Wine and chocolate, a true pairing



Dried fruit and nuts, cheese, charcuterie... These days just about anything can be paired with a good wine. But...what about chocolate? Yes, that too. Some say wine and chocolate do not get along, but these two products have more in common than one might expect.

The secret lies in striking the right balance between the two elements. This is no easy task.  Most importantly, we really need to know the two products we are pairing. Wine and chocolate happen to share similar qualities. In both cases, we need to know their intensity, texture and the countless combinations they can offer our palate. Some of these can be very surprising.

How to choose wine and chocolate to match perfectly?

In order to speak confidently about this unlikely, but not impossible match, we turned to a post published by Cristina Alcalá on Club Torres.

Alcalá suggests a few general rules to keep in mind when pairing a piece of chocolate and a glass of wine. She mentions a few factors to help us decide on our two matchmaking candidates.

  • Medium-bodied red wines give us red fruit and spicy flavors.
  • Dense reds with plenty of oak emphasize notes of tobacco, vanilla and coffee.
  • White wines offer white fruit and citrus notes.  
  • Dessert wines, both red and white, offer uniquely luscious and creamy sensations.  And don't rule out sparkling wines; certain chocolates combine beautifully with them.

wine and chocolate

With these initial ideas to go on, we should remember that lighter chocolates pair well with lighter wines, and chocolates with a higher percentage of cocoa pair well with more full-bodied wines. For example, a young, fruity and very often single varietal wine such as our 3055 Chardonnay would be very suitable for light chocolates.

If we want to be adventurous, keep in mind that high-cocoa, bitter and semi-sweet chocolates combine well with varieties like Syrah or Pinot Noir, as well as brandy and port. So, if we want to eat pure chocolates we can pair them with a robust and full-bodied wine, such as our Vinya Le Havre Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva.

As you can see, the combinations are infinite. Nothing is impossible. It all comes down to experimenting and letting your senses, especially taste, guide you. Ready to join the fun? 

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