Wich wines pair best with your christmas dishes?



The Christmas season is upon us again. Like every year, while you decide whether to serve up a traditional menu or dare to try something new and original, here at Jean Leon we have prepared some suggestions to fill your table with excellent wines that will surprise your guests, whichever food you choose.

If you’re serving seafood or fish, we have a new and exclusive, limited-production Xarel·lo experimental wine: X-15. This Xarel·lo is fresh and light in the mouth, and aromatic and highly varietal in the nose. A five-month ageing with its lees in stainless steel give the wine a lushness and presence without making it heavy. Rather the opposite, in fact. It has good acidity, is surprising, and also has a delicacy that is rarely found in wines of this typical Penedès variety.

We can then continue with white wines for the rest of the meal, with the two Chardonnay options we have on offer: Chardonnay 3055 is a young, fresh wine prepared with this variety and with partial ageing in the barrel, in which tropical fruit notes and freshness prevail. The classic Vinya Gigi follows the line of the Chardonnays with a longer ageing—6 months in French oak barrels—resulting in a lush Chardonnay with body, in which notes of ripe fruit harmonise with a spicy backdrop of toasted and vanilla notes, making it an ideal accompaniment for capon, turkey, baked fish or the cannelloni typically served in Spain on St Stephen’s day.

If red wine is what you are looking for, you can also find the 3055 Merlot Petit Verdot in specialised shops. An organic Merlot from the Penedès region, which is smooth and round, with a very special character thanks to the Petit Verdot. This is a wine that harmonises with virtually all kinds of meat, whether chicken, beef or veal, and can also be served with fatty and oily fish. This is an ideal option for that uncle who simply doesn’t drink white wine, even with fish. A partial ageing of only three months in oak barrels gives it a slightly spicy backdrop, while notes of fresh red fruits prevail.

Finally, whether you’re preparing the traditional white meat typically served at this time of year or if you’ve decided on a red meat dish, the Jean Leon Single Vineyard red wine range includes three real winners: the Vinya Palau Merlot pairs very well with tender meats, such as turkey, capon, rooster and beef. If you prefer wines with more body, we also have Vinya Le Havre and Vinya La Scala, which are prepared with old vines of Cabernet from the estate, the first in Spain to prepare wines with this variety. A reserve and grand reserve, respectively, to satisfy the most discerning palates.

We wish you some excellent pairings and unforgettable moments this holiday season.

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