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Imagine this: you get home, answer the last few Whatsapp messages, kick back and let go of the day's stress. You settle in with a glass of good wine, great music playing in the background. Sounds like a winning plan for pretty much any day, right? So we thought we'd pitch in and help you pick the right tunes with a few suggestions: songs and music inspired by wine.

Are you ready for a little wine-meets-music audio tour? First, pour yourself a glass of wine, then let yourself get carried away by this amazing selection of music.

We'll kick off our tour with “All the Wine,” a 2004 song by the well-known American band The National.


Up next, “Sharing Wine”, a 2012 song by Catalan singer-songwriter Joana Serrat.


Now let's rewind a bit, to the year 1981, when British band Def Leppard released “Me and My Wine”.


Jumping ahead to 2008, we have the song “Amor al Vino” by Celtas Cortos, a band from Valladolid.


A few years later, in 2017, Robert Finley released his R&B song “Holy Wine.”


And of course, the list wouldn't be complete with this UB40 classic. You've probably heard “Red Red Wine,” the famous Birmingham band’s 1983 hit.


The next artist doesn't need an introduction. Here's Eric Clapton with his amazing “Bottle of Red Wine.” A song that takes us all the way back to 1973.


Wrapping up our tour is the song “Red Wine Lips” by the young Australian artist Lisa Mitchell. Mitchell released the song in 2009, when she was only 19.


Our tour across different eras and styles is just a tiny taste of the wide range of music that has found inspiration in wine. What song would you add to the list?

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