What motivates wine consumers in Spain?



There wasn’t a scientific answer to the question in the title of this post until now, since the Inter-branch Organization of Spanish Wine (OIVE) has presented the first wine motivation map done in this country. Based on a study with the agency BMC Strategic Innovation, it has gone deeper into understanding consumers through their behaviors, motivations, uses, and attitudes.

Wine as a way to celebrate moments

The OIVE analyzed nine categories, differentiating between “wines and wine-based products” (red, white, rosé, sparkling, fortified, sangría, and vermouth) and “beers” (standard and premium or craft). Wine is “a way to celebrate moments, a culinary accompaniment, the second part of a good lunch or dinner, and a deeper way to connect with oneself, with others, and with gastronomy.”

In the same way as the role, the consumer profile also changes according to the beverage. The study results define the profile for wine as “sybarite,” “planner,” and one that shows “more alternation” with other beverages.

Household consumption

The study also looked at the places where Spaniards drink wine. 54% of consumption occasions take place at home, compared to 43% that take place outside the home. And when it comes to drinking in places other than at home, traditional establishments (36%) and outdoor terraces (24%) are the preferred locations for enjoying wine, followed by elegant and sophisticated places (12%) and intimate and cozy places (8%).

Meat or fish?

In terms of the kinds of foods that go with wine, it is consumed most frequently alongside meat (26%), fish (16%), or paella (14%).

What do you think? Do you identify with these profiles? As food and wine lovers, you’ll probably think that any time and any dish is good for having a glass of wine, right?

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